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EGN Exile Server

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So I am needing anyone who has suggestions for mods or how they like an Exile Server to be. 

PvE or PvP or PvEvP?


What type of mods, mainly weapons vehicles and building or something more?

List of mods you like?

Features you would like to see?


Basically I am just looking for features our members want to utilize on the Exile server and will play on it constantly. I need honest opinions and options so that we can make this server popular and fun to play on.


This is also to gauge interest in a server like this.

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Exile is very simple, you have to go PvEvP, you need most of the cup mods, community base addons and exile mod.

custom missions is a plus, custom cars is a plus, low mods is a plus, and some like a respect system some don’t


map pretty much has to be cherno or altis.


you need to go non-militarized cause AWG pretty much owns militarized.(basically allow ghosthawks blackhawks and any armed vehicle where the gunner is exposed)


Also so it helps to be international with multiple language speaking admins (keeps server populated somewhat throughout the night)

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