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Introducing EGN King of the Hill!

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I am pleased to announce we now have our very own King of the Hill server! 

EGN | King of the Hill | 24/7 Infantry |

The server is configured to INFANTRY ONLY. As @CaptainSam101 mentioned we are going to take advantage of the big changes that are coming to the KOTH mod and see if we can get some foot traffic from it!

If you have never played KOTH
- Large scale PVP centered on capturing the AO
- Leveling system. as you play and get kills you earn $$ to buy better weapons even vehicles / attack choppers
- 3 teams Blufor Opfor Independent 

Respect all players at all times
No spawn camping (PLEASE Allow enemy vehicles At least 500m out of their spawn)
No excessive VOIP spam
No chopper Ramming 
IF an enemy vehicle is camping on the edge of their safe zone and FIRES they are free game (think rules of engagement)

Type "EGN"in your server filter to find it!


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