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Arma 3 Co-op Server Information

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Elementum Arma 3 Co-Op Server Info

Monitor: @CaptainSam101

Manager: @SpaceBat

As of right now (3/26/18), the server is operational* ™. It can be accessed by filtering Elementum, or can be connected to directly with the IP below. : 2502

A stable version of Liberation is running on the server during the idle hours, but events will be held for various game scenarios over the course of any given week. Any information regarding such events will be found here or on the website homepage.

Please refer any questions or desired changes to @SpaceBat.

*refers to anything relating to Arma/Arma3 or anything that touches the fingers of Bohemia Interactive developers. These things  can and will break. I, nor anyone at elementum gaming are responsible for the hairloss and depression you are certain to receive. 

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