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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there! We are glad that you took the time to stop by our new little endeavor here. We are working fast and feverishly behind the scenes to get things up and running as soon as possible. We are working on how to build this stuff out, what we are going to focus on, how we are going to run it, and so much more. Let's get started with some nitty gritty. These are some bullet points that have already been asked several times that we just want to have documented in the same place so that we can stop having the same conversation over and over again. Q.) What are we trying to do? A.) Well, that is an interesting question. This all started with my god forsaken decision to get back into Altis Life (or a similar facsimile thereof). I know that there was a lot of hustle and bustle for a good Altis server recently. While Altis was the bane of my existence, it also gave me a great deal of purpose. I am looking forward to bringing that back. That is what I started on when I started asking the probing questions to people to get this underway. All of that came back with a common response: "Why stop there?". This was not my original intention, yet it IS what it has become. The feedback that I received was HEAVILY invested in getting a community going from the ground up, so here we are. Q.) Who is running this ship? A.) Our Founders are as follows: @emttim @Muuvie @Al Hoff @Paronity Q.) Why are you starting a new community? A.) We were working on this idea and we wanted to be able to start with a clean slate. Since many of us have previous community management experience, we thought that we could start new, learn from the mistakes that we have made in the past, as well as make the best community we can, from the ground up. Q.) When are you going to have servers and full forums completed. A.) One of the issues that we have all faced in the past, if launching servers before we could actually manage them to the level and satisfaction that we intend on managing them. This will not be what we do here. We WILL be behind the curve, if that means launching a better server because we waited. We hope to have some simple things up in the next week or two and are looking for any feedback, desires, and opinions in the forum section that we have unlocked at this time. Any feedback is welcome. Q.) How do I register? A.) You can show your interest by filling out the application that is on the forums. Q.) I have <random number> of years of experience in <random community>, why can't I be brought onto a higher position? A.) As i mentioned, we are doing things differently. We do not have the role of "Staff" that most communities have. We have Staff positions that are aligned to roles. If the roles get filled and that person gets tired of it, or they just don't live up to it, they will be replaced. We are not trying to run a tight ship, but at the same time we have no intentions on letting people get stale that are running this place. Q.) I am a <insert role> over at <insert community>, can I still be a member here? A.) Absolutely! We do NOT want to entice anyone to leave their current position in any community in which they are presently active. We just want to have enough people to play awesome games together on well run servers. Additionally, we don't want to force you to be exclusive here. We know that there are needs that you have in gaming that you wont be able to achieve here and that is completely fine. We encourage you to do that gaming elsewhere without any concern of backlash from this community. It's worth noting that we do expect staff (once they get into the positions) to put forward a certain amount of time. Other than that - we have no exclusivity! Enjoy! Q.) Why is <insert person name here> in the role of <insert role>? Didn't they do <random act> before? A.) While many of us are past acquaintances from previous endeavors and have been involved in conversations, actions, arguments, and more, we are trying to build this community on the aspect of not caring what someone has done in the past. We do not care if you were terrible in a past community or if you were absolutely amazing. We are offering EVERYONE the chance to start over. We will let you prove to us whether you can or can not handle it here based on your time here, and nothing more. The only exception to this rule is hacking. If you are a proven hacker, then you are not going to fit in here, either way. Sorry, not sorry.