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  • Management vs. Community Ranks

    Management including admins+ have duties and responsibilities given to them. Although they are higher in the tree that does not mean they trump the members of the community, they are the members of the community but have specific duties and therefore get recognition for those duties. We believe that we need to have staff, managers, and admins highlighted and separated because they play an important role across our community. Everyone in the community has the opportunity to enter the management tree at any stage of their membership and will go back down to the community tree after their duties have ended.

    It is important to note that these management positions are conditional. As long as there are duties to be fulfilled there are always certain positions open. When a new game is configured new positions open, when a old game server closes those positions are removed. Members who hold management ranks for a server that is closing will be placed back into the community tree in the position they came from. Depending on the quality of work from an individual and the time served in management they may be moved to the next higher community rank, this is a case by case basis and will be dependent on many other factors.

  • Ranks

    Formed EGN with the intent of creating a fun and interactive environment for all players.

    Specially chosen members who are entrusted with a high level of responsibility and are key to the success of EGN. Unlike past communities, Staff is not a title only position, but rather duty specific. Each staff member is chosen for a particular role and is given the authority to operate as they see fit.

    Managers work directly under the administration monitor but are in charge of the day to day operations of a specific game server. It is expected of them to maintain a healthy server and player base as that is their duty. They will oversee the admin team for that server and appoint new admins. Typically there is only 1 manager per game unless absolutely necessary.

    Admin members monitor, administrate and promote healthy game play in each of our servers. Each admin is selected to monitor their respective games and is given the authority and powers required to carry out their duties.

    Veteran members are full-fledged EGN members who can choose to remain either on the casual side of EGN or apply themselves towards management. Veteran members, in addition to Discord and forum permissions, may join the active support channels to assist other players in any way they can. 

    Crewmen are junior members in EGN. Crewman have proven themselves to be mature and enjoyable additions to the community. While basic permissions change very little as a Crewman, these members have greater access to inter-community teams and can use those opportunities to progress to the next rank.

    Prospects are the recruits of EGN. While they are in the community in name, they must prove themselves to be worthy if they wish to continue wearing the tags. As a Prospect, you can join our recruitment team as a means of interacting with other members and to contribute to the community. These activities will facilitate a quick promotion.

  • Staff Roles

    Administration Monitor
    The administration monitor works directly under the administration manager.  The monitor is responsible for overseeing all day to day operations of EGN's smaller servers, including Minecraft, GTA RP, Milsim groups, KoTh, and other servers not specified. As the Monitor, this member will be involved heavily when weighing in on launching new servers for the community. Additionally they appoint managers for game servers to act as their proxy when it comes to managing and creating a healthy server.

    Altis Life Monitor
    The Altis Life Monitor works directly with their manager to oversee, develop and manage the EGN Altis Life server. While the manager is in charge of overseeing everything, it will be left to the monitor to handle day to day operations of the server. This staff position gives the active member a lot of authority and control over the Altis Life domain. The monitor will be responsible for contributing to rules discussions, features, and player altercations. The monitor will pick and manage a team of Altis Life managers to help continually regulate and keep the server up to date.

    eSports Manager
    The eSports manager is responsible for creating, organizing, promoting, and execution of everything eSports. Their sole purpose is to manage brackets, build teams, create tournaments, or place teams within tournaments outside the scope that EGN can offer. They will provide information about the teams and their stats. They will actively recruit members into eSport teams, and select team leaders to more so efficiently lead.

    Public Relations Manager
    The public relations manager is in charge of public relations as well as handles internal member to member disputes.

    Community Events Manager
    The community events manager is in charge of conceiving event ideas for community involvement. This position is responsible for the execution of community events and is involved with every stage. The manager will have access to the box for event server setup task.  The Community Events Manager will be allowed to pick and choose their own team to operate as they see fit. They will cooperate with the social media team for promotion purposes.

    Recruitment Manager
    The recruitment manager is responsible for the social media and recruitment teams. The manager is entrusted with the keys to our social media kingdom and he or she is tasked with maintaining a positive online image of EGN while attempting to draw in members. The Recruitment Manager has the important task of being the first EGN staff member many of our new Prospects will be interacting with. Prospects will have the opportunity to apply to the recruitment team, and it will be up to the Recruitment Manager to leave a good impression of how EGN staff operates.

    Marketing Manager
    The Marketing Manger is the head of the creative design and some aspects of the social media team. The primary purpose of the Marketing Manager is to provide artistic material for use in promotion, game play or design purposes. In addition to design, the Marketing Manager leads a team with social media access to promote EGN events and promotions.

    Website Monitor
    The Website Monitor, a.k.a. "Team Hoff." The Monitor will take on trusted members to assist Al Hoff with the development, maintenance and quality control aspects of the forums. Tasks involve everything from simple spell-checking and busy work, to full scale implementations and forum programs (Awards & Trophies). This position includes a high level of forum Admin Control Panel access, so only the most trusted members will be allowed.

    Systems Manager
    The systems manager will work close with the development manager as well the administration monitor to ensure servers have the maximum performance and up-time possible. Also responsible for helping to configure and run event servers, new servers, and admin tools.

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