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  1. In the end having top ranked servers does not define a community by no means. "Community" should be the main focus here.. yes having a server to call our own that people want to play on is nice.. but it should by no means define this place. I joined EGN because all my friends I have made over the past 8 years now are here and that is the most important thing to me. I just want a place to chill and game with chill people and friends.
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  9. Hey guys! Looks like we finally have v10 on our server. Let me go ahead and get the bigger announcement out of the way. Due to a high amount of input we are going to go ahead and make the server HOWEVER Sa-Matra has changed significantly what we can and cannot do with our server. We can no longer change these things. - day night cycles - spawn chance of certain map locations - enemy icon location (Being able to see spotted enemies on map) - Crosshair enable/disable - VOIP options We are going to go ahead and run with this since it was requested a lot by you guys and see how the market goes. We are now not nearly as unique as other servers so if we want it bumpin we will need to seed it!
  10. Here is the deal. If majority wants the server to be Infantry only I am all for it. I personally prefer playing on vehicle servers since the price increase does not bother me one bit since the only 2 vehicles I mainly use are still pretty cheap. I imagine in time when people really start to have money it will be different and normal servers will be more populated. It is true that malden and other infantry only servers are most populated right now BUT I think that is mainly because people are using them to get money and levels first. As of now V10 is still not out for communities so we are still waiting. @Connor @Gunner @Jack Smith @Casual @Mdude™
  11. KOTH just got reset for everyone for the first time since the mod came out about 4 years ago. So you are not alone friend!