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  1. Mdude™

    PVP ark

    I wish I could like ARK, I really do. I just can't stand the absolute grind that it requires. I can't commit that much time to it. Maybe ARK is an event that we could do in the future, though. Is that something that ARK could support?
  2. Welcome to the new prospects, and congrats to the promotions!
  3. Changed Status to Completed Changed Assignee to Mdude™
  4. Another account created by AlboGravity who is CoC banned.
  5. I like hot stuff, but things like this scare me dude. Props for surviving!
  6. Hi. What kind of game modes do you like playing in ArmA?
  7. Changed Status to Invalid
  8. Also clicking on the number in the groups admin shows you the people in that group.
  9. Hi. Please stay away from the door in the basement and ignore any noises you hear coming from there. Otherwise, welcome! Glad to see some new faces.
  10. You can do that on the members page on the main site. Do you need something else, though?
  11. It'd be custom functionality that comes from the manager. The API to create private messages allows you to send private messages as a specific user.
  12. Mdude™

    Edit Members

    Changed Status to Completed
  13. Mdude™

    Edit Members

    I figured out the problem. She had the ability to edit members but not groups. I gave it to the recruitment manager role since that's something it should have anyway.
  14. Mdude™

    Edit Members

    @Al HoffI can't edit Staff since that's the group I'm in and nothing in Recruitment manager seems to be the problem.
  15. I think it's possible to have it sent by Koda, but otherwise that makes sense.