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  1. Favorite Music

    I have a lot of favorite songs and it changes regularly. Right now, one of my favorites is "Want U" by Diskord. Normally I use Spotify's Daily Mix feature to play a mix of chill/EDM/soft rock while I'm working.
  2. I don't know anything about rust. If you give me something to interface with I can hook it up, but building custom tools for it is something that I likely won't be able to figure out in a timely manner.
  3. until
    So, you want to help us develop some of our servers, tools, web code, or any/all of the above, eh? Well, then you need to know how we leverage the systems that we use, why we use them, what they can do, and how it all works together? Whether you are a manager, developer, admin, or just a lonely user and want to understand our systems, then we have what you need right here. Hell, even if you want to get a very basic understanding of git, and github to use on your own personal time, we will help you with that as well. Mdude™ and myself like to help others understand this world and like to pay-it-forward in that regard, so we thought we would do a little introduction to these systems
  4. HIIIIIIIIIIII. Welcome! Except @ItsKyle. Fuck that guy.
  5. How could he lose that spot to a neckbeard?!?! He probably just got told that it was nothing personal as the dude called him a kid and *teleported behind him and stabbed him in the back*
  6. Picture Thread

    Before I had a dog, I had a rabbit. I wanted a dog. also doggo with (now fatter) rabbit
  7. Picture Thread

    Obligatory doggo pics
  8. Picture Thread

    Sushi is one of my favorite things ever
  9. Picture Thread

    I have a keyboard problem (taken July 1, it's grown quite a bit since then)
  10. Picture Thread

    Heaven in a boat
  11. Picture Thread

    Some hot sauce I got for Christmas (not even close to the hottest one I got)
  12. LOL. Some of this stuff was just plain nutty. I loved the quick landing raid at the very beginning. What game mode were you playing when you had the crosshair at like 2:10?
  13. Whoa, I feel like I know everything about you now.