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  1. Banned Again. Apparently wasn't banned or was given a temp ban.
  2. I remember I was at a party and some dude just popped a whole one in his mouth. He handled it pretty good until he all of a sudden ran to the bathroom and threw up lmfao.
  3. EMS vehicle spawns in 1Manklan and Sofia somehow got broken, even though they worked before. There are no vehicle spawns at Air EMS. Currently, only Kavala fully works as it should.
  4. CaptainSam101


    You can literally walk in and out of jail through the 'window'
  5. They're now raised, but about 1.5 feet above the light bar. Not super important, but eventually should be fixed for polish.
  6. There are 2 Sofia spawns on the map. One is correct, othe ris th eocean
  7. @DarkcobraStill borked
  8. the yelp siren (shift F) doesn't work on EMS.
  9. Spawn for 1manklan and Pyrgos in spawn menu is in the ocean. Airport EMS doesn't exist.
  10. If this fix is on the server, it didn't work. SUV is the only one thats fixed. The Uniform points at the correct file now, but its inverted. Ambulance and Strider are both inverted.
  11. Oh hey dude, long time no see! [insert random video of you] This is actually one of my favorite memories from Altis Life in general. The whole MET project lol.
  12. Thats just an idea for down the road. Rn, it would essentially be that EMS has to transport you to the hospital, or your buddies have to, but if they take you, you'd have to pay 10k or something.
  13. Its no secret that the majority of people on EMS do it for the money, due to the lack of RP. If we're going to make EMS have separate money, we need a way to increase RP. My suggestion is that when someone gets revived, they essentially spawn "without a kidney". They would need to be taken to the hospital by either their friends, or the medic, but the medic would be able to heal them for free at the hospital. Kherune and Crenshaw are both onboard with this, especially with the economy change. Down the road, I think it would be cool if this was expanded more, having a system where it notified police when a wanted person was healed at a hospital, but to avoid it you could take them to a "mob doctor" which costs like 50k or something to heal them. I think this system has decent room for expansion.