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  1. They switched data storage from clientside to a database to increase security and make it harder to manipulate money and experience. This changeover required a complete wipe.
  2. Hey guys, so we he had a rather successful event on the Co-op Liberation server, and since we had a lot of people on the server, and a few who had never played before, I was hoping to get some feedback on the server itself. What did you guys like, what do you guys want to see, did you guys enjoy it, etc. Let us know so that the next event on the Co-op server can be even better! Also, post any spicy clips, pics, or memes from the event below!
  3. EMS Ambulance doesn't have lighting coronas
  5. @Hacksaw Jack It'll come out, and they'll spend 1 mil on it (not a ton for video games), and it will be absolute shit. They're not a video game developing company. It was a bunch of Altis Developers who decided to go in on a project together and people bought into it. I doubt they've used all the money, and I doubt that they did anything sketchy with it, but they're probably budgeting it. You can't make a game by just throwing money at it. They need to pay themselves, and other developers, and go from there. 1 mil would probably fund a half decent game with good, full time developers for about 8 months of development.
  6. @Paronity @Al Hoff Not sure how you want to do this, but I think a Graphics section for the Project Manager would be phenomenal. I'd really like something for skins at least, and this way it has multiple uses.
  7. @DavidYou good with just the blue ones with no text being in the server?
  8. Just need some of dem Liberation shenanigans now lol
  9. Congrats Crenshaw! Prepare to survive on 2 hours of sleep a week!