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  1. My personal opinion here, even though we have added some minor adjustments to the servers, I am hesitant to change the TCs themselves. I know we have the "Remove Tool", which in all honest helps when one needs to move a wall in their base. Removing or adjusting the Tool Cupboards is tricky proposition. Rust is not a game where your base should be expected to last long, Rust will always be more enjoyable to those who invest more time into the game. This is pretty much how it has been since its early days. Just like other survival games, bases get destroyed, loot gets stolen, and it will typically bring out the worst in people. No-one should be trusted (even a naked). To think other wise will only bring frustration. Ive personally seen many of rust admins try to police this, and all that winds up are arbitrary rules that are hardly enforceable or Admins who are heavy handed. There is no perfect balance here. We are trying to be as vanilla as possible and this is one of the outcomes. Just comes down to expectations; "Dont get attached to your stuff" addage will go a long way.
  2. Awesome Promotions , Awesome New Additions!
  3. For the record; Star Citizen has Raised 180 Million (And counting) in crowdfunding.... Guinness Book of World Records for largest crowdfunded project ever.
  4. @Koda missed a name under the Plebs @OmgMrB
  5. Maybe we can get you and Darkstar to help me out with the server configuration. @Paronity what would you need from us in the upcoming wipe?
  6. Welcome ! As a receiver of a meal and a beer, this guy is the real deal. Next beer is on me Star... I mean OMGMrB
  7. Facepunch is rolling out the Monthly update which means a forced wipe. This means, new map and the chance to add a few goodies to the server. With @MrOutlawTV and @DarkStar input, we should have a simple list of modifications which Ill call "Slightly Vanilla" The proposed Server config is: x4 Everything Monthly Wipe (Only Forced by Facepunch) !Remove Tool (For removing walls and placed items with ease) RustIO Pretty Simple List which makes for a simple set up. If I have missed anything @MrOutlawTV and @DarkStar, let me know.
  8. Yea, Vanilla is the way to go.
  9. Yea, we definitely need to keep EGN teams no larger than a duo or trio. Last thing we need is EGN having a massive group that discourages new players.
  10. I am all for Vanilla, never played with laser drills, sounds fun.