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  1. Turkey

    Lotto System

    Repost from Create a robust lottery system, where players can buy lotto tickets, and get randomly selected to win prizes. The lotto can happen every 30 minutes or so.
  2. Repost from Make y-items purchasable from the market (similar to storage crates) that can be placed in a home. Limit the number of furniture items accordingly. Look into this request and see if it will affect server performance. A potential list of furniture items can be found here .
  3. Repost from Hospitals can be robbed of items like Kidneys, First aid kits, Drugs, Money, etc. Each hospital would have a cooldown like the Federal Reserve and there could be about 5 major hospitals around the map that could be robbable. When a hospital is robbed it will trigger a silent alarm to alert the police.
  4. Repost from There are a lot of buildings within Altis that aren't purchasable, it's my idea to turn them into purchasable businesses and allow anything you have to be sold within them, sort of like a mini auction house, you can set prices, a name for it that will appear on the map so on and so forth. This would help bring a little more RP to major cities where most of these businesses would be owned. Allow only certain items to be sellable in these stores, i.e Gun store weapons, legal resources, that way you can still have your illegal RP business on the side while passing yourself off as a legitimate businessman. If a shop is found to be selling illegal items the inventory could be confiscated and the business could be shutdown for a period of time.
  5. Repost from Top five most wanted: Making the top five most wanted criminals bounties be given 100% to every on-duty cop. This would create events in the form of manhunts and be an extra way to make money. Would not be able to be abused if we had a secure enough prison. Second thing based on this would be a localized area of effect that would appear around the most wanted when they committed a felony, ie; buying something from the rebel, Manslaughter, Assault, and Battery, etc. The area could be in a 500-meter radius around the criminal 1k diameter or even more or less depending.
  6. Add it to the player menu, have it be the same function as giving keys to players, but instead, it removes the key from the original key owner. Update both players vehicles stored in their garages to show the vehicle transfer from one garage to the other. Only allow this option for bought vehicles.
  7. Changed Status to Confirmed
  8. This has been open for way too long... Let's just go with virtual item toolkits only and see how it goes.
  9. https://elementumgaming.com/ranks-and-roles/ This should be updated whenever someone fills these vacant positions.
  10. Turkey

    Exile Server

  11. Turkey

    Exile Server

    Needs a FireDaemon instance for the manager.
  12. I agree with @Mdude™. I work as a full-time software engineer during the day and come home at night to work on servers and tools for this community in my free time. But besides the fun of developing, I find that this community gives me an opportunity to hang out with old friends I made back in GSN and RGN. As well, I have met plenty of new people, that I wouldn’t have met without this community. In short, as everyone else above me has stated, this community is more than just an Altis Life community with plenty of potential to grow, and we have only been around for two months. Give us a chance here... instead of jumping down our throats over any mistakes we may make along the way. This is a learning process for everyone, and we need to work together to build this community and make it a place where everyone can have fun doing what we do best, playing games.
  13. Turkey

    Status Bar goes away

    Changed Status to Working On It
  14. Changed Status to Needs More Info
  15. I noticed this and can fix it. But, I’m not sure if there is a reason to have a toolkit as a physical item and virtual item. Should we have one over the other or both?