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  1. Dunno if many people here have ever played Stellaris but it's a good game kinda like Civ but more in depth
  2. Thanks guys I appreciate it
  3. Kavala delivery Trucks spawn inside a building and the mission isn't failed when the truck is destroyed Edit: When trucks are delivered you get 0$ and truck doesn't despawn
  4. and they say this
  5. Car Garage in Pyrgos is floating
  6. CSAT: Officer Fatigues (Hex) - (Green Hex) Fatigues (Urban) - (Green Hex) AAF: Combat Fatigues (Officer) Vest: Carrier Lite (Tripic) GA Carrier Lite (Digi) Helmet: Defender Helmet (Green Hex) - (Urban) Cap (AAF) - (CSAT) Moduler Helmet
  7. car garage in athira floating