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  1. Howdy new comers! Glad you could make it 😎
  2. Hello everyone, hope your week has started off great! We have some updates from some of the managers, staff, and founders. You're more than welcome to comment on the post to ask questions or the like! Recruitment with @Koda "Recruitment is done for this month, all new promotions and recruits will be done next month." - Koda -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media with @Koda "Still lacking admins for our social media sites, if you're interested please PM me (Koda) You will start with the EGN facebook page and move on from there when we get enough admins." - Koda -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Space Engineers with @MrCheezleand @Headword "Continuing to assist Headword with administration and maintenance on the Space Engineers servers. SE Server is down and will need some dedicated attention to figure out what mod has broken it." - Cheeze "So going back through notes Tuesday, there was a small patch. Keen patched space engineers and it seemed fine at first but what it did was undo a bunch of things that had been changed before breaking mods in the process. I'm redoing the dedicated server files, mod files, plugins, and settings one by one looking for bugs." - Head -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Altis Life with @Darkcobraand @Kheruneand @Gunner "We are are finishing up the last couple of bugs to get the server where we want it and then we will begin testing functionality" - Dark "Launched Department head applications and will be reviewing them in the following weeks." - Kherune "Finished the final bugs, still needed people to help with federal reserve balance testing. The next step will be to adjust prices of vehicles markets guns etc and to check to make sure everything works on the live server. We also have begun picking leadership for chief of police. Police apps will open once chief of police has been chosen" - Gunner -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minecraft with @Gurthyy "Launcher should be finalized in the next couple of days. Auto-launch to server, minimal steps to play, easy updates." - Gurth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pixelmon with @Kheruneand @Gurthyy "Currently working on spawn and balancing, prepping for launch." - Kherune "Spawn island WIP. balancing economy, configuring grief prevention plugins. Launch date to be announced in the coming days." - Gurth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whats Goin On with @Mdude™ "I've been assisting in getting Pixelmon up and running as quickly as we can, and trying to troubleshoot the problems with Space Engineers. So far, the guys who wrote the server tooling we're using are aware of the problems and are working to fix the issues, but that's all I know about it. Pixelmon is coming along nicely and should be coming very quickly." - Mdude -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whats Goin On with @Al Hoff "Been pretty busy. Have not implemented everything I wanted to that was stated in the last report. I did clean up some of the forums and have tasked others with sprucing up and getting the ball rolling on the discord orientation project. Wish us luck! In other news, I have been harassing DJ to get a fivem server up again. Hopefully we have that to look forward to soon. We will want someone who can lightly "dev" to develop it along side DJ and others involved in the project." - Hoff
  3. Welcome to the forum wikken!
  4. Hey welcome G! Glad to see you're doing good!
  5. Welcome new guy! @JussDJIC And congrats to everyone!
  6. Good evening everyone. I hope you have had a fruitful weekend. We're back with the second issue of the EGN report. A publication with the purpose of just informing the community of what some of our founders, staff, and managers have been working on or achieved. Here are some snippets for your reading pleasure. Recruitment and Social Media Report via @Koda Recruitment -- Keep on Keepin on, sending out Activity Notices at the beginning of each month corresponding with whether or not they got an Activity Notice the month before. All recruitment posts happen between the 10-12 of each month to give people time to reply to their Activity Notice. Failure to reply to Activity Notice after one month warrants Prospect rank removal. All new recruits and promotions get their new ranks during the monthly recruitment post. Social Media -- Lacking admins for Social media, if you're interested please PM me (Koda) You will start with the EGN Facebook page and move on from there when we get enough admins. ------------------------------------------ Exile and Altis Report via @Darkcobra Exile -- Waiting on fire-daemon instance to be setup for the server so I can use the git pull and restarts to start working on the custom features. currently it is stock exile. Altis -- finish majority of the new map integration just need to test and make sure everything works ------------------------------------------ Altis Report via @Gunner Altis -- Finished a large number of bug fixes including spawns, map markers, and vehicle spawns. moving into the next phase, which includes features such as federal reserve. expect announcements for police cheif/cheifs, ems captains and community vote poles VERY soon. Also gonna be testing the new federal reserve soon, need testers. Also if anyone wishes to know any information feel free to pm myself for any additional information. I will answer any question i am given. ------------------------------------------ Altis Monitor Report via @Kherune Altis -- A Good chunk of the primary code is done there is bug testing and balance checks to preform as well as some other back end stability items to check off. Will be working with Gunner on chiefs and looking over rule set and potential rewrites of them. As well as working with him to get the Police and EMT CoC set up. ------------------------------------------ FiveM Report via @DrDJ FiveM -- We are currently in process of moving to a new sever and getting everything setup with the mods and database, once we have that setup we will begin recruiting for police and ems, we are currently looking for testers to see if we want to change away from normal police and ems vehicles to els vehicles which gives us more control over the emergency lights of the vehicles. Currently I am working on setting up metal detectors for the inside of the police station as from previous experience on the old server some cops didn't check for weapons. ------------------------------------------ Mdude Report via @Mdude™ Since the last report my computer has been out of commission for quite a while, so I haven't had the opportunity to do much more than what I did before. I'm still assisting others with getting the things they want to take initiative on up and running. ------------------------------------------ Hoff Repor via @Al Hoff We're tinkering around with the idea of focusing on discord and leaving the forums in the dust. The forums can still be used, but being honest we don't use it at all. That being said, forums are useful for servers. They will still be around for that but any general discussion we might as well have in the discord. There will possibly be forum structure changes to orientate to that objective. Additionally we are planning on bringing in a couple of ranks with specific duties, one would be to manage the discord channels. Another would be to have moderators for the discord-- people apply to 1 long month term positions to moderate and then would need to reapply every month. This allows just about anyone in the discord a chance to help us fight spam and keep discussions in check. More details for these positions and ideas will come, also if you're curious you can always come talk to papa hoff.
  7. Community report 002 should be posted Saturday late evening.
  8. Hello everyone, the purpose of this monthly report is to inform the members and guests of projects, servers, and activities that EGN is involved with as well as some status updates from individuals. Comments and replies are welcome after this post. ----------------------------------------------------- Altis Life Update: Staff: @Kherune Altis is coming along nicely, most of the processing zones, main hubs such as the federal reserve, jail and police HQ's are finished or awaiting final touches. We've been speaking between each other and we are all of the opinion that we will likely release with the core functions set and gradually release new features along the way instead of trying to launch with lots of new stuff we want to bring you guys semi regular updates to the best of our ability, adding new features with all custom coding, new custom skins, as well as some perks for those of you that want to donate / subscribe. With the current speed the map is progressing, our development team for coding and scripting is a bit short staffed so we need time to implement the actual functionality of the map markers and locations. So it is unlikely that we will be launching any time soon but I am hoping that later this fall we will be able to get off the ground. Our number one priority with Altis is stability and functionality over fancy features. We want you, the player, to be able to create your own experiences in the game. Of course new shiney things always help but those take time to spit polish, so we'd like to get you guys in and rolling and we can get feedback from you and create a server that you guys want. Manager: @Gunner Continuing to do map development for relaunch and revamp. Mainly focusing on Testing Federal Reserve. Map will be focused on "Centered around maximum player sightings and interactions between one another." as well as; "This version will come with less features initially with steady updates coming through" ----------------------------------------------------- Exile Progress: Manager: @Darkcobra Currently getting feedback from the community on how they would like the server to be. Manager: @DasPookieBear I have gathered a bunch of mods but I am not sure if we can use them and continue to monetarily get donations due to the mods I have selected. I haven't had the ability to test these mods together as I am kinda forced to use my laptop which doesn't have a big enough hard-drive to install Arma. ----------------------------------------------------- Space Engineer & Headword's Update: Staff: @Headword Manager: @MrCheezle The server has been doing well over the past few months. We have been able to successfully integrate nearly every game we host with the EGN Control panel on the website allowing for easy management. A number of processes have also been setup to make updating the servers easier than ever. A process to shut down a server and get any and all configuration changes from GITHUB was setup that allowed admins and developers to push changes with a single click of a button. As an observation, at this time it is believed that this amazing server stability and top-notch server support tools is what has led to the server devs quitting without real reason or discussion. It has been noted that without legitimate things to complain about and outside sources to be the target of blame for reasons they cannot do the jobs they volunteered for, they find themselves unable to defend their lack of project completion. Joking aside, the servers stand at the ready for continued development and expansion as the community grows. As a community, both in its current form and as for years as previous names were our banner head, we have always strived for flexibility. The ability to adapt to whatever the community needed or wanted. Have we always been able to make everyone happy? Of course not. But the goal has been the same. Support what makes our community strong. I have made the following promise to anyone who has interest in building additional games or reviving dead and dying projects. “If you have an interest in getting something new started or picking up where others have left off, Let me know! I will do whatever I can to support your endeavor. Let it be installing new games. Getting you access to mod others or in general giving you the tools needed to expand and grow this community.” This promise is an open-ended one to all of EGN. IF you want to do something and need help then speak up. I was asked for help on the Minecraft Servers. All requested updates and changes were done inside of 2 days. Rust, Updates and changes were made nearly instantly. Most recently I have heard interest in FiveM and Arma3:Exile which should be getting its own dedicated server in the next day or two. Without the excitement, the members bring to the community then we all suffer, stagnate, and become complacent. Space Engineers has been support by EGN since the founding of EGN but until recently had not been on anyone’s front burner focus wise. This was mainly because until the latest patch this game has mostly been a niche game for people wanting more than Minecraft offered when it came to physics and building. Before this latest patch, multiplayer was limited to five to ten players before it became unplayable. Now we have successfully had the server running with more than 60 players at the same time. During the first 4 weeks of the patch, our server was ranked #1 in the world in terms of popularity and average players. Since then we have continued to be a force in the SE Community holding a top 5 position out of all servers worldwide. We have not been resting on our initial success either. We continue to get top praise for having one of the most responsive and active player base and admin support. I have gone as far as to personally sponsor the active development of several mods that keep our server running smooth. This has led us to begin looking at additional mods for the server. To date we have between 5 and 10 mods running on the server (Mostly for game play improvements) but we are testing mods suggested by the community for addition to the live server. This community involvement has also been a corner stone of our support. Many players have been amazed that we listen to concerns from players who are not EGN. Things we take for granted here seem to be very out of the ordinary for the SE community as a whole. So continuing this level of support has become one of my primary goals in running EGN SE Servers. ----------------------------------------------------- Mdude's Update: Founder: @Mdude™ What I've been doing I've been hopping between a bunch of different things while I've been working on stuff for EGN -- or wearing many hats if you will. I've been managing the website and keeping up with software updates, planning a couple of events, giving people resources they need to run with an initiative, working on our custom manager tooling, organizing meetings, and more. Handing out the keys Our first attempt at Altis was nothing short of a failure. Between miscommunications, lack of direction, having too many hands in the pot, dealing with backlash, and more, there were a lot of things that we've learned from. Now, Gunner has so graciously approached us to ask for resources and guidance in trying to jumpstart Altis the _right_ way. He's been hard at work doing map development, and Darkcobra is starting work on integrating Gunner's brand new map into something that we can make public. There will be more to come on this in the meantime, but know that we are not going to hype it up or publicize it significantly until we have something to show for it. Headword has been awesome in taking on the Space Engineers initiative, so I pushed for him to get a Staff role. He was already doing most of the work, but now he has the formal authority to do what he needs to do to make our Space Engineers server successful -- which he has obviously already done. It's no small feat either; the amount of babying the server needs at times is incredible. Marcus has asked to take the reigns of Exile, so we've given him the ability to manage Exile in any way he sees fit. Elementum Manager improvements Recently I've added functionality in the manager to allow us to give away games to a random forum member. These games include some filler, but also include some AAA titles like Mafia III, Destiny 2, and more. A little more work needs to happen on the giveaway functionality to make it more viable, but expect some giveaways in the near future. I've also added functionality to track member statistics, namely how long they've been here, how active they've been on the forums, when the last time they visited the site was, and more. This makes Koda's job of recruitment and managing members that much easier. More to come I'm doubling down on my efforts to bring life back to this community and to engage with members who may feel disrespected or just like there's nothing happening. I'm going to get more events on the calendar, bring more transparency on what's happening, and make sure whoever wants to run with an initiative has the resources they need to do so. If you have any questions or concerns about _anything_ in the community, please feel free to come talk to me in Discord, send me a PM on the forums, or send a carrier pigeon. ----------------------------------------------------- Al Hoff's Update: Founder: @Al Hoff My last post a few months back detailed about how I would be away for awhile. For those that do not know I recently graduated college, went on a pretty crazy cool vacation for a few weeks, job hunted, found a job, moved, and have been nestling into my routine. I want to put forth some organizational effort. Putting EGN on a schedule for updates and meetings since we have been slacking. As well as clarifying the direction of EGN and streamlining our current operations. I don't have too much information on streamlining as I need to reevaluate where we are entirely. But I want to put our eggs in the discord basket, making it more functional for us to use since that is the go to platform. We will keep the forums and utilize them, but discord is the trend and its hard not to follow with all the things we can do with it.
  9. Lets give a warm welcome to @Mdude™as he transitions into a... woma.... founder! Mdude has been with us since shortly after the launch of the community. He has proven his integrity, social, and technical skills that have been focused on improving the community. He will continue to do so and help keep the community inline with the guidance of the collective founders and with assistance from the staff, managers, admins/mods, and members of the community. The leadership at EGN wish everyone a great day. Expect a progress update this coming weekend detailing the projects staff/managers have been working on as well as the new direction of EGN we will be pursuing. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to the EGN leadership.
  10. Well. When those were created, the place holder images were created because we didnt have the servers or I couldnt get game tracker stuff for them. So. Unless we have more servers or if they've been made on ze game tracker theres nothing really to do but remove them.
  11. Currently on a Arma 3 KoTH stint. Just having fun. Saturdays are good with me any time.
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    I believe I got this completed and have givem him forum perms.
  13. Albo you're such troll just get out lol
  14. Hey everyone, we have a few updates to share with you all. NO TLDR. As of last night @MrMackeyMK has decided to step down from the staff position he holds. You're more than welcome to talk to him as he will still be around as a Veteran, but he recently just moved and foresees he will be out of the active circle for a little while longer. This means we have an open staff position for the Community Events Manager, which is a staff role that needs to be extremely active posting weekly events. Additionally we are removing the esports tree from EGN, Cullen will be placed to Veteran from his staff position. Although we are removing the tree that does not mean esports will never come up again, it just does not serve a purpose in EGN at this time. We still have vacant the Marketing Manager position. I want to change up the description and purpose of this position and re-orientate its focus. The Marketing Manager will work along side Koda to achieve all things social media related. We aim to get the Marketing Manager to work with all of the EGN streamers out there to get them noticed in EGN and social platforms. Maybe one day we can get a talk show up or group stream? As for the systems manager role, that is up to Paronity. I don't think much more else needs to be said about that, but if you're interested please seek Paronity out. Moving on to some non staff roles we have an opening. We are looking for someone to join the website maintenance team. This person will find missing information on the website, draft up some ideas, and push those to us to get posted. In general this person should be able to use good grammar. If any of the staff positions or support roles peak your fancy please reach out to me. We can talk about the position and its duties, you'll need to answer a couple of questions and then after about a week we will select the candidates. We are willing to give anyone a chance so long as you try. Altis and game server news will not be in this post but are coming very shortly.
  15. I feel like we've met before