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  1. Well. When those were created, the place holder images were created because we didnt have the servers or I couldnt get game tracker stuff for them. So. Unless we have more servers or if they've been made on ze game tracker theres nothing really to do but remove them.
  2. Currently on a Arma 3 KoTH stint. Just having fun. Saturdays are good with me any time.
  3. Al Hoff

    Article Access

    I believe I got this completed and have givem him forum perms.
  4. Albo you're such troll just get out lol
  5. Hey everyone, we have a few updates to share with you all. NO TLDR. As of last night @MrMackeyMK has decided to step down from the staff position he holds. You're more than welcome to talk to him as he will still be around as a Veteran, but he recently just moved and foresees he will be out of the active circle for a little while longer. This means we have an open staff position for the Community Events Manager, which is a staff role that needs to be extremely active posting weekly events. Additionally we are removing the esports tree from EGN, Cullen will be placed to Veteran from his staff position. Although we are removing the tree that does not mean esports will never come up again, it just does not serve a purpose in EGN at this time. We still have vacant the Marketing Manager position. I want to change up the description and purpose of this position and re-orientate its focus. The Marketing Manager will work along side Koda to achieve all things social media related. We aim to get the Marketing Manager to work with all of the EGN streamers out there to get them noticed in EGN and social platforms. Maybe one day we can get a talk show up or group stream? As for the systems manager role, that is up to Paronity. I don't think much more else needs to be said about that, but if you're interested please seek Paronity out. Moving on to some non staff roles we have an opening. We are looking for someone to join the website maintenance team. This person will find missing information on the website, draft up some ideas, and push those to us to get posted. In general this person should be able to use good grammar. If any of the staff positions or support roles peak your fancy please reach out to me. We can talk about the position and its duties, you'll need to answer a couple of questions and then after about a week we will select the candidates. We are willing to give anyone a chance so long as you try. Altis and game server news will not be in this post but are coming very shortly.
  6. I feel like we've met before
  7. A night filled with sharp pains and burning lol.. always fun
  8. Al Hoff

    Edit Members

    Sounds good. Thanks
  9. Al Hoff

    Edit Members

    Giving staff the ability to edit themselves is a sure way to destruction-- i.e. giving themselves permissions to things they don't have perms for. Maybe a secondary group with perms to cater to your needs would be more ideal. Thoughts?
  11. I'm just here for a good time. All the donations we have received go to the servers (server box, renting servers, applications, IPB renewals every 6 months, giveaways, etc) and we are making sure to utilize the resources (people, devs, equipment) we have for projects as well. Its for sure time to reorganize and prioritize our efforts into creating a sustainable, fun, active, and engaging community. I think we need to refocus on community outreach and events more but still keep polishing an Altis server in the background. Its no where near the level of servers that have been around for _yeaaars_ but unless we copy their code (do not recommend) its going to take some time catching up. I can see that there are many people frustrated with something here or there and I really wish everything could be perfect. But if you have an issue with someone, transparency of EGN, or the direction we're heading feel free to reach out to me and I'll talk about it through my perspective and hopefully find some solace in doing so. Until then, until things are perfect we all should work towards it.
  12. Happy birthday Bravo! Hope its a nice one!
  13. Al Hoff

    QT pizza

    The gas stations around me had the pizza being sold by the slice. But they would order the pizza from the pizza place across the street. Then there are some gas stations that are more of convenience store and also employ people to make and sell pizza. Just their bizniz brah. You don't have to be a pizza company to make great pizza. I make better pizza than a pizza company BUT I also don't have a quick commercialization mass produce process hrm..
  14. Wow these new prospects put us at 100 members! Congrats new prospects, do us proud! And congrats on those promoooted