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  1. Hey, just wanted tell you all I will be leaving. I enjoyed all time with ENG and I wish all you the best. Fair well
  2. Jay

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Bday man
  3. Welp thats out of the qustion.
  4. On that fortnite grind

  5. I do see you care about the community. I do to, I am worried if we do not get those servers populated EGN is going to die out. That happen to the last community I was in named Anarky life. I am very glad see that you have not given up and went N/A and are still putting all your effort into this group of lads.
  6. Jay

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy B day dude
  7. Whats with you and trash rappers?

  8. Congrats you all!!!
  9. Jay

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy B-day ill make sure pop in discord later
  10. Jay

    Fortnite anyone

    Hey, just now getting into fortnite and im going start play it more was wondering if anyone wanted to play. I need get PC fixed before we can play but heres my user if want add me Jaybb1313
  11. Jay

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy B-Day