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  1. Wikken

    Upon death

    1 min respawn time, but i can't bring up any esc menu or any thing. same for when clicked medic option too then it gives me a 15 min respawn timer
  2. In the rules and what not it still says team speak instead of discord. not sure if editable Not big priority but figured i would post it
  3. some old img from previous servers
  4. What's going on! its your man Wikken. i am a avid gamer of many genres, mostly wow and MC atm. i work grocery retail as a butcher, Father of 1 (4 year old boy). I joined up here to be with some cool intertwebs friends and to meet more! I do also enjoy some other things other than vidya games. Smoking meat, reading fantasy books. Building gundam models and playing some good old fasnion DnD tabletop. Feel free to inquire more!