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  1. How are we going to approach Altis? We know that Arma 3 Altis life is dying and that most members that joined this community have left or have little to no contact with it. I feel if we do this again we need to market it instead of letting it be up for weeks with only 1-10 players on.
  2. There was until you showed up. 😐
  3. I heard you should drink hot sauce after eating one of these because two negatives = a positive. life hacks
  4. Well written Post @Paronity. On a side note, as I mentioned before we should expand into more games. Arma 3 Altis is good and will be for a few months BUT, the Tanks DLC was the last thing on the roadmap and Another game has already been rumored to be in the works. With E3 coming up maybe they'll announce something or later when they are ready. Depending on how Identity goes that might be something we could get into also. We really need to bring more members into the community from different parts of gaming.
  5. I think the train needs to be added back in. It's more convenient then calling for a ride 24/7
  6. Slightly Fresh Meat @Jay Deadeye Like, on the counter for an hour and it's still cold but you don't want to die because you eat it.
  7. Glad to see you join the team Smokez!
  8. H A P P Y - B I R T H D A Y
  9. How much does it cost and can I buy one of those 1080s off your? or the speakers, they seem very nice.
  10. You can't trick me! Anyways. Great to have to back Cole. I hope we can start out working together
  11. Thanks for reminding me. Casual 50 years ago (Middle guy) ask him if u dont understand you guys like my new laptop? bought it at the Disabled Peoples store for $60 something. couldn't see the whole price tag Casuals desktop Hey @Casual, YOU LIKE MY DESKTOP ICONS? cASUALS KEYBOARDS (LEFT SIDED) @cASUAL
  12. Welcome, everyone except @SomeoneYouLike I already know you are a snake >:D
  13. I believe its a CQC server. That's how Lamar stays TRASH
  14. Infantry > Vehicle servers now. Malden NoTowers Infantry has been full almost 24/7 (except for early morning) since V10 came out.
  15. ugh... have to put up with you again ha jk! don't ban me pls. glad to see you back around my dude
  16. Ok so Heres the deal. Devs from asylum said we want to make a game so they did. It's called identity. They've raised over a million dollars to fund it. A lot of people want it but it won't be happening for years. It was supposed to come out a year or two ago and still is not even close to being ready. TBH, I don't believe they've spent the $1 Million and honestly think something sketch is going on. tl;dr. don't buy it
  17. HELLO AND WELCOME TO EGN. IF YOU GOT any questions you can ask anyone anything as I believe anyone in this community could and would answer said question.
  18. oh god. wait shit not even god can save us jk... congrats my dude @David Crenshaw
  19. If we get bigger I agree with a second server. If we do this though we may be marketing ourselves towards a Koth community which isn't necessarily bad but, we gotta remember Altis Life