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  1. Selling skimmed credit cards in #marketplace in the EGN Discord
  2. Welcome welcome everyone! Enjoy your stay, we will only bite if you ask
  3. Kherune

    Pixelmon is here!

    Check out this post for further details!
  4. We need Department heads for the EMS and EPD for Altis 2.0 head over here: If you'd like to apply
  5. HAppy birthday @Koda!!!
  6. hallo? Is anyone home? I heard there's people at this party....
  7. Kherune

    KOTH needs day

    Thats gay....
  8. Kherune

    KOTH needs day

    Needs 24/7 day Dunno if it was already set and got reset but I was AFKing on the server and it ended up on a night map. Neochori Night specifically if that matters @Nimbus
  9. Kherune


    Cop Level curently has a direct impact in the game. Cop Level 1 I know for a fact can buy lethals but cannot buy attachments. I am unsure of what other things arise of the level system. @Darkcobrais it possible to find somewhere in the code or configs that would inform us of which levels reflect which portions of stores?
  10. I'll leave that to a vote to you guys, However, The FAK seems to only heal about 20% or so now meaning you need to be under 40% or more to even use the thing and it DOES NOT heal you to 75% the heal of the FAK seems to be around 40% or so seems to be about 15-20% heal per use upto 40% PS: I know its jumbled wording but it gets the point across
  11. EMS and COP cant use the Medkit due to the fact that Arma itself doesnt allow non Combat Life Savers to use Med kits
  12. Spawns you at 0,0 in the middle of the ocean