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  1. Wait. Like AI units spawn where you die?
  2. Thanks for the post. We will look into thaem as soon as we can and make sure the server is running at it's peak. Would love to get more feedback on stuff though from other actives.
  3. Happy birthday @Cullen
  4. @emttim Please post the template that you had started on here, please. Thanks!
  5. I get the point that is being made, but there is a flaw in that logic. We don't WANT to focus on just one server because that limits the people that are NOT here for Altis and never want anything to do with it. This creates the need to work on other servers at the same time. Many of the servers that were put up were in fact put up to gauge some interest and were chosen due to how simply they could be put up while we were working on our backend systems. What Cobra is getting at is that we are putting the same effort into Altis (and not just in development) no matter how many servers are up. While your thought process of all the servers being effected is somewhat true, we have to support those members that want nothing to do with Altis too. That is why we are pushing out an Exile server, and trying to beef up the FiveM stuff as well. The points from both sides are valid, but the bottom line is that we CANT focus on just Altis Life and still expect people to want to be here that have nothing to do with it.
  6. So, here we are not more than a few months into the creation of the community and so many things have already happened that have shown that we don't always have the answers and aren't planning for everything. I would like to make a post that explains the plans going forward, as well as touches on some of the whoas that have been brought forth time and time again. To start, let's address the things that WE (as staff and founders) have done or neglected to do that could have helped. ==Our Shortcomings== 1.) Lack of updates and communication: While we strived to keep people in tune with the status and updates of the community as we built them, it did not always go according to plan. Life got in the way several times, and we allowed that to make it so that the community has zero idea what was going on from week to week. This is not OK and we are taking active steps to prevent that from being an issue in the future. We have these ranks and titles in place for a reason, and we will be sure to start leaning on them heavier to make sure that they are not useless titles. 2.) Lack of clear direction and guidance: This was a big one and has caused MANY opinions and beliefs to occur (some of them justified, and some of them not so much). This one is a huge one for the entire community. Many people have been saying things like "community is dead" and stuff like that. This is so untrue, that it's almost funny. The community is still new and hasn't been pushed in any way and thus, it can't be dead. This is where the direction would have been helpful. We need to make it clear that our intention was NEVER to be an Altis Life community, but rather a community that can exist DESPITE it. That hasn't been easy to convey simply because we bit off more than we could chew. 3.) Lack of transparency: When things were brought up in regard to finances, they were quickly explained and since they were brought up, we should have taken even more time (outside of Altis) to make sure everyone understands the things that were said. Several people have formed opinions about the statements that have been made that are a little stilted. What I mean by this and what was actually meant by my comments previously, was that this community is built on an LLC. This allows us to manage the funds in a way that will allow us to pay people down the road. We set it up this way JUST IN CASE we get enough traction on anything to be able to pay the countless hours that go into it from development and staff. At this time, 100% of all donations have been used for expenses and in fact, we are in the red and working on coming out of it still. NO ONE has made a penny off of any of the donations or transactions that have been made to the community. (Details about finances will be in the post in a spoiler if you want to see them all) 4.) Giving into hype and not following through: This was a HUGE one, especially for me. We posted a poll to see when the server should be released and people said they wanted to wait. Then we started to get excited by the hype that was surrounding it and we gave into the peer pressure and launched it WAY before we should have. None of the core custom features are even in the code base yet and many things still aren't working because we are running on the latest Altis Life branch that isn't officially released yet. We should have waited to release until we were satisfied with it, even if it meant upsetting a few people. At least then we could know that we were proud of our release, rather than ashamed of it. ==Our Future== Some of the things that we want to do and offer going fowrad to help fix some of these issues are outlined here. It's just the start and many more things will be coming, but these are the most critical points that I can think of at this time. 1.) More ACTIVE servers: One of the things we want to focus on at this juncture is to have other active servers for people to play on. It's hard to have a community without them. The next things we are going to be doing are an Exile server, and pushing more efforts to our FiveM GTA V server. Both of these servers have the ability to be awesome with the right amount of work and dedication, so we will be working on that. 2.) Dev Team Order: We will be formatting the dev team a little more efficiently. Right now the few devs that we have are trying to do just about everything and we need to make sure that progress is made on everything without hurting the other projects. That means that we will have dev team members that are JUST for altis, JUST for web, and JUST for FiveM and Exile. 3.) Consistent Community Enagagement: This one will be addressed by two things. The first is to make sure that all updated for a specific issue/platform/or project will be handled by the same people, all the time. This will prevent the miscommunications that have occurred from multiple people addressing concerns from the public around Altis Life. The second is to make sure that we give steady updates CONTINUOUSLY. We would rather be told that we are telling you guys too much, rather than the other way around. 4.) Open Feedback: People LOVE to give feedback and we love to hear it. We NEED it to be able to succeed. Without the feedback, we can't correct our actions and learn from the mistakes. We will work on making sure that all feedback is handled professionally and all feedback will be siphoned through the proper channels to prevent the flaming that has occurred recently. We ALWAYS put the community first and will continue to do so. I hope this helps ease any thoughts or frustrations you guys might have. As always, I welcome any and all feedback on anything. If you want to PM me instead of using the forums, that is fine too. I will never ignore any feedback. (Finances Below)
  7. Have a good day ya filthy casual.
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  10. The truck is probably spawning somewhere that isn't visible. Will look into the spawn point for this one.
  11. I am not able to recreate this every time. Can you give me a step by step of how you are doing it? Thanks!
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    Police Paychecks

    Change the paychecks on test server for all factions. MAde them higher. Will go out soon.
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    Police Paychecks

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