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  1. Spug's Easy Automated Docking Sometime to help us dock our ships, without the use of 3rd person and to keep the ingame feel. also its awesome to say docking sequence initiated.
  2. When running the TIM script i am getting an error "assembly not found please compile script". I have joined a few others servers and i get the same error on all the server i joined to test the script. I have found a hotfix for it on the workshop here for your review. i have used the hotfix successfully on other servers, Thanks for your time, your survivor Blue.
  3. [HOTFIX 1.187] Taleden's Inventory Manager Hotfix to allow tim script to work.
  4. on a side note there are 2 Nanite mods one is out dated while the other is updated normally. were you using the right one?
  5. Whip's Automatic Drop Pod Script Drop pod script for sending unman probes to planets
  6. Whip's Auto Door and Airlock Script For auto closing doors and making airlocks the right way.
  7. MART | Whip's Mouse Aimed Rotor Turret Script for making mouse aimed turrets for defending ships and stations
  8. Whip's Block Renamer For easy renaming of ship or station parts.
  9. Taleden's Inventory Manager [TIM] Base inventory organization and for easy pulling of items into welder ships, like a smart sorter without the annoying sorter. ADDED TO SERVER! 08/15/2018
  10. When the nanite mod was removed, my friend and I lost most of our cargo. Can this be fixed?