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  1. Thank you! Congrats to the others! Am I fresh meat, or aged?
  2. I'm sure theres a few of you who play exile. and I'm looking for a few players to play with on a non-militarized server. This is pure survival. The true DayZ aspect, with a twist. You cant buy everything at traders, Vehicles are true DayZ spawns, you cant buy them either. This is gonna take some work. If you're down to play, feel free to PM me, or give it a shot Direct Connect: Server Name: [AWG]DAYZ-EXILE -allowed by Mdude-
  3. just eating and playing wow with a few buddies atm. ill add ya tho
  4. ill download it now and show ya how to play the proper way. add my steam: IndecentCanuck
  5. bahaha I remember the days of Mooma Moonshine and OP4. Glad to see you're still around! My old little mall cop buddy!
  6. Well, Well, Wellllll. I know quite a few of you know me, and quite a few of you don't. I'm IndecentCanuck. Also known as Jay Deadeye. I've been around, but away from the core community for a few years now, while telling myself I need to get a new pc. I finally got a pc again to play with. And god it feels good to be back. I'll start by letting you who don't know me, get to know me. My name is Jeremy, or Jay. I'm from Ontario, Canada and I'm a bid PC enthusiast. I joined this community (pre EG) about 4 or so years ago. I started off with a little AMD a8 APU build and grew up to a i7/r9 build. Gaming is one of my favorite past times, other than working on trucks, and breaking said trucks. I started gaming when I was a kid (I'm 25 now). The first game I ever played was Super Mario 64 on Nintendo, followed by EverQuest on pc. and its became an addiction. Unhealthy to say the least, but its worth it. A few years ago I ran into some trouble and had to sell my PC to keep stuff together. I'd hop on a laptop or pc whenever I could to say hi to everyone. This community has done A LOT for me, and a few in particular. (you know who you are) For those new to this community, You found the jackpot of all communities. The members here are more family-like, then friend-like, or casuals. If you ever want to play with me, I usually play Arma 3, World of Tanks, War Thunder, and PUBG. I'm a calm, yet competitive player, but I like to think I'm fun to be around. God its great to be back IndecentCanuck -Jay Deadeye-