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  1. Only thing that bothers me is they're using my favorite engine, Unreal, and completely wasting the engine's talents.
  2. Identity was rumored to me about three years ago on a life server, and then I never heard anything about it ever again. Someone clear this up for me, is it a thing or not a thing. Generally I would do my own research but according to certain forums and other searches--- it is a 50/50 to if this game is actually going to come out or not. Taking for granted on the website of the game- the release date was early 2017 and technically under FAQ has not been updated-- yet there is an upcoming combat trailer? I am genuinely confused with this shit. I blame asylum.
  3. JokerzFayme

    Mod Ideas

    Mod Ideas: Look into the building mods that are being released, I don't care which ones. I heard Oxide was very pleasant but would make for floating bases (what I actually would love.) Military mod- customary guns and clothing and what not-- RARE military would be best. RPG mod- Most likely would be Hunt:RPG, just allows for skills and perks and what not. Those are my big threes.
  4. JokerzFayme

    Mod Ideas

    Anyone interested in the Rust server can drop some of their mods into this thread, just to make it more simple.
  5. Higher gather rates is nothing but a bum rush for C4 and everything to shit. 1.5x or 2x, like Mackey said, would work perfecto. Half crafting is also swell.
  6. Well, after spreading the wings and leaving one home to come to another, I felt it time to introduce myself. I'm JokerzFayme, aka Shaggy for some who are familiar with that handle. And I'm your new roommate.