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  1. no no no he asked me was I Busy... hahaha
  2. Mar said are you busy and gave me a link... tbh I can't believe it either. Lets see how long that lasts ;-)
  3. What's up everyone it's the lone cyborg AKA Danobot. A lot has happened during the past year but before that I'll rewind a little bit further I was around during the days of GSN around over 4 years ago. After that I was at RGN for the next year or 2 where I was even an admin for a while as well. After that I went Lone Wolf for the last while somehow finding myself returning to where I started........... Kinda So what have I been up to the past 2 years. After I left RGN I bounced around Arma Life mod communities and after Arma seem to be dying I was doing the GTA RP thing as well. My main thing is vrchat though. It may not be for everyone I was there before the knuckles craze came and everyone was playing vrchat so I was there to see the rise and fall of a shity meme..... god I hate them fucking knuckles! Last October I moved to the east coast I now live near Toronto. I have a job which I really enjoy and I now have 1800 subscribers on YouTube. My friend recommended to join here since it was basically a blast from the past and all of my old friends are here now so I thought why not let's give it another shot so I'm here again to play some Arma and have some fun and see where it takes me ;-)