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  1. GREETINGS FELLOW ELEMENTALS! I am happy to announce that we have some fresh meat joining us today and a few Prospects are becoming full fledged members! Unfortunately, it is not all good news in this post... We have decided to part ways with our KOTH server to explore new opportunities. I would personally like to thank all of you who took part in managing or playing on the KOTH server, I look forward to what we move onto next! Veteran @Nimbus @Termi Crewman @aka_ned @Babadook @Frogmaster @Hiroshi @Michael Stevenson Prospect @Bones @Brian Felske @Contraption C @Kitty Smith @Mclovin All tags should be out within 24 hours of this post, congratulations everyone! Please take the time to read the links provided if you are new to Elementum, and again, welcome to the community! Guidelines Ranks and Roles
  2. can give a more in-depth screenshot as to what I mean when this is looked at. Basically in the groups tab, you can see the number of people in each group but not who is in that group. Instead you have to go to the members tab and search through that unorganized mess for each member. Would love a centralized way to figure out who's where
  3. There is indeed a way for it to say it was me (sorta like how whenever someone got a medal it said it was from Bill) I just can't seem to see that part of the backend (but I probably don't need to see it)
  4. Koda

    Edit Members

    Could've sworn I made a task but I guess I didn't. Can't edit members. ^ no edit option anywhere (cropped screenshot so it didnt show my email and stuff)
  5. The thing from the meeting where it automatically messages inactive people through me about why they are being inactive.
  6. Koda

    Member Tracking

  7. I would like you direct you to this article made at the birth of this community. But in case you cannot take the time to read the article I will post a screenshot below with a summary.
  8. I am here cause @CaptainSam101told me to. (but in reality i'm here because, just like @Nimbus, ALL MY FRIENDS BE HERE AND ITS AWESOME!)
  9. https://elementumgaming.com/topic/590-community-recap-and-altis-lotto/ https://elementumgaming.com/topic/607-getting-the-server-more-populated/?page=2 Locking this thread due to silly comments going back and forth. I have linked the community recap and the server population post post for further feedback. The second link is strictly members only, if you are not a member and think you have constructive ideas that can help the community and/or specifically the Altis Server, feel free to PM me. You can apply to be a member here.
  10. I can be your teammate fri-mon randomly when I'm not busy, just hmu in discord when you want to play and I'll see if in free. Been meaning to check this game out
  11. Koda

    Two Side Chats

    one says Side Channel and you can talk in it the other says Side channel and you cannot use the side chat.
  12. you can only buy them at a market. but you can eat them so theres nothing to do with them
  13. Koda

    Pigroast DMV

    uh, im not sure tbh
  14. idk if this was supposed to happen, but I cannot seem to see most recent (recently updated doesnt show new ones)
  15. Changed Urgency to Urgent