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  1. Trying to figure out how to drink milk with ma butt
  2. I've always was concerned about the pepper's exit a few hours later. Burned bungholio!
  3. HELLO EGN!!! I think it is high time I explained my current position in life and to let you all know I have not abandoned you! Some colorful character on the forums posted a bit ago calling me out on my absenteeism and he wasn't far off. This summer, things have been kicking off in good, bad and neutral ways. My grandfather is terminal and I'm going back and forth between my home in North Carolina and his in California. He's lived a good and long life, and I'm not particularly upset at the unfairness of the world, but I am taking this time to visit him while I still can. My girlfriend, who is in the Naval Academy, is going to be taking care of USNA obligations all summer (Naval boat trip and internship in New Mexico.) Since I will not see much of her starting soon, I've been increasing my trips to Maryland on the weekends. This weekend is my last one with her, going to throw up a tent at Delmarva and jump out of perfectly good airplanes for four days. Gunna be lit!! Lastly, for those who know what I was going through last year in regards to my heart, flying and air traffic control ambitions, I am currently undergoing phase 2. For those who don't know, I applied for ATC in November 2016, made it through the hoops and got my class date in Oklahoma City. Right before I left, I did my standard medical evaluation. They discovered and previously un-diagnosed issue with my heart and shut down my ATC path in addition to revoking my medical to fly aircraft. Had surgery last July and I'm at the end of my mandatory year long recovery period. I should be good to go, but I'm in the midst of back to back specialist trips and jumping through the hoops again to verify I'm healthy so I can a.) start flying again, and b.) resume ATC attempts. It kind of sucks that I got with Tim, Paronity and Hoff to start EGN right at the brink of all this nonsense, but I don't regret it for a second. I'm glad we got EGN up and running because it was the right thing to do and I'm glad I was there in the beginning. This does NOT mean I'm done. In fact, the opposite (Girlfriend leaving for a few months, *wink* *wink*) I just wanted to throw this shout out there to all of EGN and to let you know I'm a phone call, PM or facebook poke away. Love you! No homo. Kinda homo. Muuvie (Bill)
  4. God damned casuals. Thinking they get birthdays like the rest of us.
  5. KODA YOU'RE GREAT!!! Thank you for taking the time on this one. Also, first.
  6. Fuck I missed it. WELCOME. You guys cool now. Play Overwatch with me.
  7. I knew you sounded familiar. Welcome back to the cool kids club!
  8. Long time no see man, how's it hanging?
  9. Congrats on all the promotions and new members! If you are new to EGN, welcome to the club! I believe I've met all of you, but it not...feel free to hit me up in Discord if you need anything. As far as the promotions go, good job guys. Every one is well deserved!!
  10. Muuvie

    Experiences with Eco?

    Anyone here actually play? I've been meaning to get into it, or at least try it for some time but have yet to pull that trigger. This weekend may prove to be a good opportunity in between community events. How is it? I'm told it's Minecraft like, but I haven't looked into it too much. Looking forward to the next new big community friendly sandbox game to gain popularity.
  11. We're all starting out on a level playing field! Get out there and get 'em!
  12. Muuvie

    Itsa me Modoc

    Hey man! Good to see you again!
  13. lol it'd be an easy kill too. We were the only ones on the server trying to pop it up. AFK the both of us, doing homework!