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  1. Hey guys! In case you didn't notice, EGN has an official Twitter and Facebook accounts! Follow us to keep up to date to community news and announcements. Twitter: Facebook:
  2. Welcome to the forums!
  3. Hello! My name is David! I am a 16 year guy who is just joined the community. I play multiple games. I also like to play sports. During the summer I work in a summer sports camp for kids. I play these games: Fortnite, PUBG, Arma 3, Escape from Tarkov, Survivng Mars, Squad, Battlefield, Etc The sports I like to play: Basketball, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, and Baseball I have lots of experience in the marketing department as I was the leader of RGN's marketing department for numerous of months. I also have lots of experience in the administration side of Arma 3 Life. I was a admin for 6 months over by RGN before the server has closed down. Thank you! Hope to see all of you guys in Discord.