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  1. Dope ass edit dude! What song is that? @Lamar
  2. Thats great! So does that mean money farming servers will be completely useless now? @CaptainSam101
  3. Ah thank you @Nimbus I had never seen it reset before so I was confused on why they would do it now. Thanks!
  4. I was wondering how often they reset all of the koth servers? I can never seem to get it down on how often and when they do it. Is it just random or not? I'm just curious, thanks!
  5. Congratulations! @David Crenshaw
  6. @Mdude™ I will for sure man! thanks @SpecialKillerJ I play a lot of csgo but I also enjoy playing arma 3!
  7. Hi

    Hello guys, My name is obviously DunKz_Frenzy, but you can just call me dunkz, I am hoping to find a community to settle down in and I am wanting too to do it here! Hopefully I have a grand ole time here