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  1. I think your dog paco hasn't been fed in a while... And welcome back to arma Cole!
  2. Enhanced movement, and backpack on chest mods. Nuff said
  3. Thanks and welcome to all the others!!
  4. Ranger Robbie blackfish kills: 1 Steve blackfish kills: 0
  5. well at least he hits things when he's gunning ;D
  6. Ranger Robbie


    @Hiroshi I have my specs on my profile page. Check em out
  7. yeah i guess this kid is kinda good at games
  8. Altis Life by far has taken up the most of my time. I love all the fun things that role play brings. Interacting with other people is always fun and hilarious. However if someone tries to test my gunplay, then they’re also in for a treat. I do miss playing arma 3. I love mil sims too though. And wasteland is fun. Gun play does get kinda boring, especially when you’ve already hit 1.6 km shots 😂. That’s probably why I like role play > gunplay. Hbu?
  9. Hey all, I am Ranger Robbie. I know many of you, but it's been a while. I am 17, live in Minnesota, and other than video games, I just work, go to school, and play in a band. You might see me around every once in a while, depending on how busy I am in real life. However if you do see me, I will probably be playing Arma 3. I am excited to see a promising community coming up, and hopefully this one sticks. I love Altis life servers, and hope that I get back into playing them again. Thanks for reading @Wookieis a beautiful barnacle