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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering if there were any people that wanted to queue up together on some Rainbow Six Siege casual matches this weekend? The new season just launched yesterday and the new operators and map are really cool. Normally I just play with randoms, but would love to have some pals to game with this weekend or maybe even start a dedicated group! Just some quick info about me: I main Buck on offense and usually rotate between Mute, Jaeger and Lesion on defense, although I don't mind switching around to accommodate others if need be. I am level 65. In competitive I never made it past bronze III but I think I could give it another shot and move up if I had some buddies to work with.
  2. From the perspective of a non-dev/staff member, I can really appreciate the transparency following all the drama and chaos. I think shedding some light on the situation and allowing us to see behind the curtain will put a lot of people at ease. I feel like when you get a group of people together, no matter what, people are going to find reasons to bicker. What it really boils do to is fostering a community of mature members that know how to be civil and are willing to disagree sometimes. And so long as the staff maintains transparency, I am perfectly happy. That being said, people aren't exactly incorrect for pointing out that the servers have effectively died. Even discord remains mostly empty now. I would like to hear more from the staff on ideas for continuing to engage and grow the community, especially for people like myself who are not here for Altis Life. I'm not sure if this means changing up the weekly events or what, but I'd love to hear the staff's thoughts. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we still very much wish to be involved in this community, but don't necessarily have the means/know an approach to generating traffic. TL;DR I just wanna play some dang games y'all.
  3. I had a blast overall, but I wish there was a little more structure to the event. A couple things I noticed: I could sense SpaceBat's frustration when people weren't sure which squad they even belonged to. Moving people around and commanding seemed to be organized chaos. No staging areas. Having mobile respawns that followed us to different locations would help people get back into battle faster/easier. There was a lack of scouting/prep/intel for moving into objectives. More than once I got slaughtered in a vehicle on the way to the objective, which did become a little frustrating. This wraps back around to having a little more structure in the event. Splitting squads into different roles and moving them around more strategically could help alleviate this. I understand that we aren't going for full-blown milsim, and I'm not advocating for it. I would just prefer a little more structure to ensure smoothness in-game. I had a blast last night and experienced a lot of really cool moments. Thanks to everyone that organized/ran the event! I hope we do it again very soon!
  4. Zeus! (with Mdude as gamemaster) I guess but i don't really like the guy, however all things considered hes probably a pretty good gamemaster, love you mdude