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  1. OH shiiiiit dude. My dick got fucking ROCK HARD when you mentioned an Exile server!
  2. I can confirm had to repair and refuel my heli after buying it. Whole thing was red then had to spend 17k to refuel it
  3. DasPookieBear


    No no they cam carry them just need permission from a higher up to use them although attatchments need to be fixed for lvl1 aparently none of them can buy scopes
  4. DasPookieBear


    No they are not they can add crimes i beleive but arnt even supposed to have that. Should be cop rank 2 or patrol officer rank that can add/remove crimes cop rank 1 is a whitelisted slot only they arnt supposed to even use lethals without a higher ranking officer on.
  5. So far I have been fucked out of 200k from truck missions and chop shops. Some times when a truck mission cant be completed I take it to the chop shop to at least get a tiny bit of money and 3 times I haven't been given anything. Also each time I get a mission to Abdera the mission gives no money. Edit: This seems to only be an issue when the little status bar does not load.
  6. @Paronityspawn points are broken for Chalkia Charkia Zaros Abdera SO far. Could be all of them. Same with Gun running and human trafficking so far have not been able to get any of them out. Edit: Paros also not giving a truck
  7. Only one that seems to work is Kavala. And only Illegal truck mission. Human trafficking and gun running are broken. So far I have only been able to request a truck from Kavala as all other freight yards do not have a place to spawn vehicles. Also ALL way points are broken once you grab one.
  8. I disagree with David. Cops need this for extra moneys.
  9. Told Paronity about this some time ago, I guess he forgot about it. But the current heli crew helm in the police shop is the wrong one The AAF is the current one Either NATO or CSAT should be used AS you can see this has no place on blufor with a group that use primarily NATO clothing The following 2 should be used in its place with the AAF going to rebel outpost
  10. Game kicks you for dropping anything on the floor as a cop tested with weapons and gear.
  11. Game kicks you for trying to buy it.
  12. The wanted list is currently FUBAR. Some crimes don't have a listing once you add them, Some listings dont match their names, Such as adding someone for an illegal chopper landing adds them for 1 count of unweaponized rebel vehicle. Were incessant use of horn doesn't put anything other than "1 count of" The wanted list also does not allow you to add more than 2 crimes to someone. When even when closing and re entering there was never more than 2 unique crimes listed.
  13. Would like to see a second infantry only KotH Server. Without the Heli's and tanks and other weaponized vehicles. Those tend to be most popular.
  14. DasPookieBear


    The perk system was already suggested.