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  1. Connor

    Map Changes

    Kavala Looks absolutely amazing and beautiful but theirs just too much there for many PCs to handle, Lets keep ti simple and clean how it uses to be. Pygros- Looks sick as well but again FPS sucks (this could be because of the bridge} The Bridge- Lets keep it nice and simple, if i look towards the Bridge my FPS massively tanks. Again this all looks amazing but its just not whats needed in the server. This is just the main ones that I really think need changed feel free to post more below!
  2. No gold in fed or anything to even have it in
  3. Connor


    Blood Diamond- Can Proccess but cannot sell (LICENSE BUGGED, CANT BUY) Oil Market is labeled as a normal Market so you cant sell, Processing is fine
  4. Clan made join up if you want #9C299L8Q
  5. Comment below wanna see if an EGN clan would be populated by people of the community
  6. Post your nutty KOTH clips below!
  7. I understand you "like them" but have you actually played the new patch? You can like them all you want but the fact is you cant sustain a monetary gain on v10
  8. So, After the recent KOTH update vehicle servers seem like there going to be obsolete because of the crap prices of the vehicles and monetary gain you receive from using them. Also with Hostile Takeover no longer being supported there are infantry server slots opened. After playing countless hours of KOTH with @Casualand @William Ranger the prices of vehicle servers are just to high to make any money while using them. I Want to see the community opinion of PEOPLE THAT HAVE ACTUALLY PLAYED THE UPDATE, PLEASE DONT VOTE IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED BECAUSE SO MUCH HAS CHANGED.