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  1. Post your nutty KOTH clips below!
  2. I understand you "like them" but have you actually played the new patch? You can like them all you want but the fact is you cant sustain a monetary gain on v10
  3. So, After the recent KOTH update vehicle servers seem like there going to be obsolete because of the crap prices of the vehicles and monetary gain you receive from using them. Also with Hostile Takeover no longer being supported there are infantry server slots opened. After playing countless hours of KOTH with @Casualand @William Ranger the prices of vehicle servers are just to high to make any money while using them. I Want to see the community opinion of PEOPLE THAT HAVE ACTUALLY PLAYED THE UPDATE, PLEASE DONT VOTE IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED BECAUSE SO MUCH HAS CHANGED.
  4. I personally do not enjoy KOTH unless its infantry only, was wondering the rest of the community's opinion on it! Of course im still gonna end up playing it but infantry is just so much more fun in my opinion. Tell me your thoughts
  5. Fortnite?!?!?!!??!
  6. KoS Area

    South Island has been done before plenty of times and no one cares enough to go down their. There nothing down there that has any sort of value so why risk your life to go there. I think all Gang Hideouts AND if added cartels as well because it is a gang related system that gives rebels something to do other then robbing little civs.
  7. Whitelisted Rebels

    This just isnt something that seems enjoyable or reasonable to me. It drives civs away from the server, because rebels will have 7.62s or 6.5 and the civs are stuck with a shitty trg to defend themselves. I just dont see this working at all.