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  1. Hi all, I'm Marcus. I'm one of the managers for FiveM. Currently, the server is being fine tuned for gameplay. What does that mean? Well, we need people wanting to be involved! So, with that said, we are looking for experienced admins & developers for FiveM, as well as Chief of Police, & Chief of EMS. How do I apply to be one of these positions? Simple, shoot me a DM in Discord or the forums, and I'll discuss amongst the others leading the FiveM project. What is the release date for FiveM? Unknown at this time Will it be whitelisted? Yes, however, "scheduled patrols" will not be a thing. The server will always be available for any whitelisted member to hop on & have fun. Have more questions? Reply to the thread and I'll answer them ASAP!
  2. They have a page that shows the funds raised.
  3. They did end up raising a little over 1 million. They also have an office in california, 7 developers total.
  4. There is a lot to it, that’s not said. I’m on my phone but I’ll explain it when I get to my PC.
  5. god.. Why do I look at these set up posts? makes me pity my shitty computer & setup.
  6. Marcus

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    now go make me a sandwich, prospect
  7. Glad I can be apart of the team!
  8. Full ACE Medical & dedicated medics