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  1. oh i just remember you also NEED to make sure you appear on a3launcher and the regular arma 3 launcher.
  2. Exile is very simple, you have to go PvEvP, you need most of the cup mods, community base addons and exile mod. custom missions is a plus, custom cars is a plus, low mods is a plus, and some like a respect system some don’t map pretty much has to be cherno or altis. you need to go non-militarized cause AWG pretty much owns militarized.(basically allow ghosthawks blackhawks and any armed vehicle where the gunner is exposed) Also so it helps to be international with multiple language speaking admins (keeps server populated somewhat throughout the night)
  3. Gunner

    PVP ark

    @Mdude™ or even just make 2 teams, 4 hours of peace 100X last base standing wins.
  4. Gunner

    PVP ark

    ya set server to 100X taming harvest XP everything or more and let people go nuts with building and raiding supplies. last base standing wins. give people lets say 4-6 hours of peace and then may the strong survive
  5. Gunner

    PVP ark

    Hey if anyone of you guys play ark we just took control of alpha status on a small PVP unofficial server 5x everything. were looking to get a few more people for boss fights, raiding, gathering materials, and even server takeovers. were currently 4 men strong with and a 5th that joins us on occasion looking to expand to 10. pm me here or on discord for more info
  6. ^^^ basically what I said just way kinder and with greater detail
  7. OMG IM GONNA SAY IT 1 more time. It doesn't matter if it is or is not hindering you DEV WISE. Listen to me! If you have 5 people on the MC serve 5 on exile 6 on altis etc etc. when u could have all the above on one server. Your fucking all the servers at once server like exile and altis life don't need fancy features to be successful. They need population. Quit acting like X amount of Deving will make either server succeed. What will make it succeed is population
  8. i think you fail to understand, how to grow a server to the point anyone wants to play on it. ive said it since day 1 lets focus on altis. now that might be a bias statement but if you cant focus on 1 server and get it healthy than none of your servers will be healthy so thats a pretty good "why not" imo
  9. i dont play AWG their server survives off of like 4 donators and the admins say " no camping trade zones" but they refuse to ban them for doing it even with video proof
  10. if we were gonna stay a vehicle server i would not update the server past 9.6 players who don't want to start over or enjoy the vehicle may just hang around but this is a huge risk thoughts @Casual ?
  11. I think it speaks grounds that the people saying let the vehicles stay are now wanting them gone. I know I personally did not lose skill in the last week. I just can't see any method to earn more than you spend on vehicles. I also was lucky enough to talk to one of the WS staff for over a hour and. Quote from him is " vehicles are not designed to earn money just support to AO" he did however say changes will be made to help vehicle player but would not elaborate on it
  12. me casual william have been doing plenty of tests. casual I believe at one point was the #1 highest level most played Koth player worldwide. Let me go over the changes for those who haven't had the chance to lvl to the point of buying big vehicles. they are saying changes will continue to come so i would like to wait a bit longer but this is the current state 1. vehicle prices are doubled (roughly) 2. rewards were halved from 9.6 3. 1 and 2 combined mean you earn 1/4 of previous per vehicle pull 4. the prowler, offroad, quilin AT and WAY to cheap and way to good at taking out tanks (1500$-3k depending on the which you buy each carries 6 rockets all can roughly 1-2 hit any tank given the cheapest tank is 3k its a steal) 5. they reworked the kajman missle and now works like a javelin meaning it goes way high in the air making it near impossible to wire guide a vehicle that is moving (with time someone may just learn how to use it better) 6. Dar rocket damage i feel is up on pawnee and orca 7. (reserved for blackfoot testing) 8. the new tanks are strong but still have difficulty earning money when offroad and quilin are small hard to see and can 1 hit them 9. rhino assuming you have a friend with a lazer designator can 1 hit almost any tank from 8km out with its laser guided rocket shell @Casual @William Ranger anything you guys want to add?
  13. ^ thats the trailer i was talking about, look how the car slides (drives like ass) the textures have more obvious pixels than minecraft (looks like ass) and hit registration in that gun is ass