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  1. dropping weapons kicks for addcargorestrction #1
  2. car bomb

    soft logging with car bomb in your y inventory kicks your for script restrction #4
  3. MEDIC

    they can be invited to a gang and if they accept it removes them from the medic slot
  4. capturing hideouts results in it hitting 1percent canceling and then cannot be captured because it says all ready captured
  5. medics can be invited to join a gang and can accept but not cops
  6. searching

    takes away all physical inventory items including medikit
  7. knock out

    civs cant knock out police and im assuming other civs
  8. backpack bug

    After re logging a few times this did end up working. I will note before I logged I tried dropping the backpack and picking it back up did not fix it
  9. GSN style kidney robbing
  10. no car garage in these cities
  11. toolkit

    kicks your for addweaponcargo restrction #1
  12. quilin cannot be unflipped im assuming its a all apex vehicle type deal
  13. fog

    we need to find a way to fix fog. when fog is active ground visibility is roughly 100-150m from air you have to be 30m off ground or lower to see ground