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  1. Thanks guys and Koda I'll probably hit you up Friday for sure
  2. LOOKING FOR HUNTER REQUIREMENTS: Must have a copy of Hunt Showdown, a microphone, and a decent internet connection. Hey everyone! I know at least two of you have a copy of Hunt:Showdown. I normally play with Outlaw but he's not always on and overall likes to stay pretty busy. ( Not to mention he has a preeettty poopy connection.) I REALLY just need a consistent team mate. I have no issue going it alone. But more often than not. Stupid stuff happens or I just REALLY suck and I dont have that buddy to pull me out of the fire especially when something like this happens See video.. So you see, I need a buddy. I can handle my own for the most part. Minus some really noob mistakes. HMU!
  3. Honestly, from playing around today. Server isn't all there but shit fam. It's fine Outlaw and I played on it for a few hours and we appreciate the work that's gone into it and we had a good time. Altis isnt the only EGN server out there everyone! If you were impatient. Check out the others. PLEASE. They would benefit from your impatience.
  4. That sucks, everyone that didn't come missed out. We had a blast! @MrMackeyMK@Icyblaade@Paronity
  5. I'm excited for this. But, on console where I've played since release. I have like half a bil. On PC. I have nothing.
  6. The trick with donation perks is having perks that don't affect the core meta. Rust isnt a pay to win game
  7. I laughed, I cried, I feel like I didnt need to know the half of it.
  9. So, in this thread I will be posting videos, and clips of my streams. Which generally feature @MrOutlawTV Like it, hate it love it. Leave me a follow if you're on twitch! Check me out some time! Tarkov Test Clip " Oh F!@#$# " https://clips.twitch.tv/OutstandingUninterestedCurryYee " iM PLAYIN TAG!" https://clips.twitch.tv/SolidHorribleWheelWoofer Full Hunt Showdown video! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244056209
  10. Awh, I'm not really gonna be able to play, I work 6Am -6:30 Pm Friday and Saturday and 1pm to 1:30 AM Sunday
  11. I'm not disagreeing with that in the least. That wasn't the intent of my message. Nothing is an issue if its configured right.
  12. Last I've read either wipe isn't until the 5th of April. Either way, in my experience a semi vanilla rust is the best way to appeal to both audiences who like vanilla and just need a little boost in their gather speeds. I'm not a super big fan of the removal too just because of the added crap it brings along however It is handy and highly popular. People have a hard time living with their mistakes and all that lol.
  13. This is good advice, I just don't think they/we are worried about it just yet. Still setting up server staffing and figuring out what mods to throw in or avoid. Not to mention its only 20 pop and people stay away from those in general. It's kind of in the testing phases.