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  1. The Civ Community disagrees.
  2. Civ VI is Trash. Civ V is golden. @MrOutlawTVYou in for Civ V? I just got a new job today as a quality engineer so my weekend schedule is now opened up lol
  3. The best I can do for weekends after I get off work at 6 PM Central time dont go to bed that night until 2 or 3 in the morning. due to shift change Oh and this is for Saturday. @DasPookieBear
  4. A bigass game of CIv would be great. I work Friday/Sat/Sun and Im off all week.
  5. Currently, I'm playing a lot of Dead by Daylight, Ironsights, Escape from Tarkov and Civilization V.
  6. @Gunner when Pepper X get's confirmed as the Worlds Hottest pepper by Guinness I'll grow one and make a video. @MuuvieThe exit out either end is just as painful if not worse as eating it. Pain lasts just as long.
  7. I believe in valuable life experiences.
  8. I used to have a bottle of Ghost Chili extract. It was basically black tar @SpecialKillerJ
  9. Thanks man, it was a long night I wont soon forget.
  10. This is from about 8 months ago, i grew the pepper myself. It was an excruciating experience that went on for about 6 or 7 hours. With lots of nasty further details Reaper_Video.mp4
  11. Glad to see more Vets.
  12. Quake Champions anyone?

  13. For all the people hating on EGN for Altis because. You are acting like its all you have to live for, IF you arent happy about it. No one forces you to play on the server. We have OTHER servers to play on. The unsung servers if you will. Some of your whoas are justified. Some of you are justified babies.

  14. Thanks guys and Koda I'll probably hit you up Friday for sure
  15. LOOKING FOR HUNTER REQUIREMENTS: Must have a copy of Hunt Showdown, a microphone, and a decent internet connection. Hey everyone! I know at least two of you have a copy of Hunt:Showdown. I normally play with Outlaw but he's not always on and overall likes to stay pretty busy. ( Not to mention he has a preeettty poopy connection.) I REALLY just need a consistent team mate. I have no issue going it alone. But more often than not. Stupid stuff happens or I just REALLY suck and I dont have that buddy to pull me out of the fire especially when something like this happens See video.. So you see, I need a buddy. I can handle my own for the most part. Minus some really noob mistakes. HMU!