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  1. DarkStar


    Does anyone have any opinions about Wildcards upcoming pirate mmo?
  2. He's dead guys. Got'em

  3. I've always had a secret desire to be a butcher.
  4. Civ VI is Trash. Civ V is golden. @MrOutlawTVYou in for Civ V? I just got a new job today as a quality engineer so my weekend schedule is now opened up lol
  5. The best I can do for weekends after I get off work at 6 PM Central time dont go to bed that night until 2 or 3 in the morning. due to shift change Oh and this is for Saturday. @DasPookieBear
  6. A bigass game of CIv would be great. I work Friday/Sat/Sun and Im off all week.
  7. Currently, I'm playing a lot of Dead by Daylight, Ironsights, Escape from Tarkov and Civilization V.
  8. @Gunner when Pepper X get's confirmed as the Worlds Hottest pepper by Guinness I'll grow one and make a video. @MuuvieThe exit out either end is just as painful if not worse as eating it. Pain lasts just as long.
  9. I believe in valuable life experiences.
  10. I used to have a bottle of Ghost Chili extract. It was basically black tar @SpecialKillerJ
  11. Thanks man, it was a long night I wont soon forget.
  12. This is from about 8 months ago, i grew the pepper myself. It was an excruciating experience that went on for about 6 or 7 hours. With lots of nasty further details Reaper_Video.mp4