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  1. Still not dead.

    1. DarkStar


      I've since killed him to stop this incessant posting of his undeath.

  2. I do just started a few months ago
  3. I love the idea of the combat log, loot logs, and ban management. I do have some custom plugins I've purchased from an oxide plugin maker awhile back. One creates a low flying airdrop plane and you have to shoot it down and it will crash somewhere along its flight path and drop like 4 airdrops. Shooting it down is tricker than you think! I don't remember the others I can find out though. Events/Quest I'm down for as long as they're not too overwhelming. I'm not a big fan of the chest warp. I would rather have the trade plugin. I'm down to discuss these things with you when you have time broski. Just hit me up when you're around I typically will be around 5:30pm to 10:00pm mon-fri and anytime one the weekends. I will be around a lot this weekend.
  4. I feel you have made some very interesting points. I would, however, like to add some information here and my two cents. Increasing the duration is possible but they may be longer than you think I will leave that information below. I also feel there may be some confusion on how the tool cupboard and decay interact with a player’s base once it has been raided. Here is an example: Say your base cost 1000 stone per 24 hours for upkeep but you have 5000 stone in it. If a player raids your base and destroys your tool cupboard it will automatically use 24 hours of resources from the tool cupboard if available thus keeping your base up for an extended duration depending on the tier of your base structure. If you do not have 24 hours of upkeep resources in your tool cupboard at the time of its destruction it will automatically use all resources in the tool cupboard thus leaving the raiders with nothing. Another thing to keep in mind when addressing groups. If you make something easier for solo say decay you also make it easier for groups. The idea behind decay and why FacePunch implemented it was to nerf bigger groups bases. This limits the size of the base a group can have due to the limited slots in a tool cupboard. As far as food goes it is already twice the amount as seen on vanilla servers. I would suggest you try your hand at farming or harvesting animals on this world seed animals tend to be on the eastern side of the map. I do agree with @Hacksaw though as this being my 5th rust server things can be tricky to police but, it can be done. This server is for the community and will grow and change with the community I am always open to new ideas. On the server population, it is, in fact, low but I don’t feel it’s due to the fact it’s hard hence it’s easier than vanilla yet as I type this up there are 11,500 players currently playing vanilla and 7,350 playing modded. So, I do not feel this is the downfall of our population but I feel it’s lack of support from the community and here’s what I mean by that. I’ve only seen a handful of EGN members playing on the server which is completely cool. Everyone has their game. The best way for the server population to grow is to have multiple people on the server at once which would in return push us up higher on the server list. This is my two cents I’m curious what everyone else has to say though. I’m looking forward to other opinions and debates on this topic. Twigs 2 Hour Delay 2 Hour Duration Wood 12 Hour Delay 24 Hour Duration Stone 18 Hour Delay 48 Hour Duration Sheet Metal 18 Hour Delay 72 Hour Duration Armored 24 Hour Delay 120 Hour Duration
  5. So, after seeing the debate about the KOTH server made me think about our rust server and I'm curious... what would you like to see from me? Right now our server is slightly modded with only a few quality of life mods. Would you rather have a bit more mods? Keep it the way it is? Or maybe add some event mods? I have a few custom plugins I've purchased a year or so ago where you can shoot down airdrop planes. I've also seen members talking about tele. vote if you I'm curious though what would you like to see?
  6. I don't care either way, coming from a very neutral standpoint. I just wanted to point out that I really respect you for this post and coming from someone of your ranking it shows a lot of good character from you. This is what I love to see from community leaders! You go dude!
  7. Chivalry is so much fun! I can’t wait for that event
  8. This was absolutely beautiful. I wish I was better at Arma after watching this lol
  9. Hunt Showdown Giveaway! @DarkStar and I will be giving away two copies of Hunt Showdown. How to Enter (Pick one) 1. Tell us a short scary story, reply here. 2. Tell us about anything that may have scared or entertained you that falls under the genre horror, reply here. Good Luck to all! (Winners will be chosen randomly on Friday, April 13th)
  10. MrOutlawTV

    Rust Server

    Rust Server Wipe Cycle: Monthly | Next Wipe: May 3rd RustIO LINK Gather Rates: X2 Smelting/Crafting Time: 50% Loot tables: Vanilla Plugins Crafting Controller Gather Manager Quick Smelt RemoverTool RustIO Smoother Restart StackSizeController This Update