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  1. Welcome all prospects! Congrats on the promotion Killerstarling6.
  2. Welcome to EGN for new members, and congrats of promotions to everyone else.
  3. Congrats on getting the founder position Mdude.
  4. Nice job showing up to the party bois. P R O M O T I O N S for all non newbies
  5. Welcome and congratulations to all promoted/welcomed into the community. Hope to see you around!
  6. Over Pyrgos there is a water tower floating in mid air.
  7. At Pyrgos, the location of the garage has not sign to store or retrieve vehicles
  8. (only confirmed with type 115) The gas stations of Altis cannot be robbed. Attempts to click on the rob button will result in nothing happening.
  9. Thanks for posting what needed to be put out there. Can't wait to get free stuff
  10. The Jail area is too large and inmates break out of jail by leaving the limits of the area without actually exiting.
  11. There is no where on the map that you can see the Uranium Dealer
  12. Congrats on recruitment and welcome!
  13. Very good making it in to the community, so welcome. Glad to see you could make it @l Smokez l
  14. Welcome to the forums. Can't wait to see more of your antics when the server goes live.