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  1. Congrats on promotions and acceptance into this community! Please remember to file forms C-1 and B-7 upon entry into the state.
  2. ENTER GIVEAWAY I really like Knightly games and would greatly enjoy slashing the Saracens.
  3. Nice to see you back Someone. Welcome.
  4. Welcome to the Elementum Gaming Community Forums new people! Congratulations to Termi on the promotion.
  5. I'm disappointed. Your router is not on fire.
  6. Have the collars of the EPD Uniforms get little brass Elementum Gaming logos on them. I would look like the Elementum Gaming logo (the swirling water and fire) except solid brass in color with one side darker than the other.
  7. Things contained within include: Intel Core i7-7700k 4.20ghz 8mb 1TB HDD 7200 RPM 3TB HDD 7200 RPM 3 120mm case fans 550LC 120mm watercooler 2 more 120 mm case fans ATNG 800 watt 80 plus power supply Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Adata 8gb DDR4-3000 XPG Z1 Memory (I think this is the RAM and there are two sticks)
  8. Welcome to the club newbs! Though your sanity may suffer here, you will become a more wholesome person for it.
  9. Welcome to the community! Enjoy whatever pasta you find.
  10. No clue who you are but welcome anyways. Caesium is the best element.
  11. EGN Rising Storm 2: Vietnam?
  12. Looking for mods? I got a few suggestions... (Adds zombies) (lets you rappel from helicopters) (It's Vietnam) (Basically the Italian Army in ArmA) (rappel from buildings and ledges) (tow basically any vehicle with another) (makes the movement with weapons in hand look less retarded) (adds wide-angle quad NVGs) (Who cares about the Geneva conventions anyways?) (modernizes CSAT) (become a mountain climber) (it's JSRS) (explosion time)