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  1. So I am needing anyone who has suggestions for mods or how they like an Exile Server to be. PvE or PvP or PvEvP? Map? What type of mods, mainly weapons vehicles and building or something more? List of mods you like? Features you would like to see? Basically I am just looking for features our members want to utilize on the Exile server and will play on it constantly. I need honest opinions and options so that we can make this server popular and fun to play on. This is also to gauge interest in a server like this.
  2. Congrats on Exile manager can't wait to see what you do with it. Welcome all of the crewwe/men (can't assume genders 2018) and prospects
  3. Can we push back to like 7pm - 7:30pm?
  4. Altis Life Features and Bugs (659 visits to this link) This link will take you to our fancy project management solution for Altis Life related thangs. If it is a rule discussion or something that required debate, please post in the forums and not here. Thanks! or point it at the new tracker
  5. Darkcobra


    Tobacco Field, Processing and you sell it at the market. [insert side effect here] Ties into my dynamic market idea I listed before.
  6. Darkcobra


    Wheat Field, Bakery for processing, Sell at the market. (this would fit into the dynamic market I suggested before)
  7. Darkcobra


    We all remember GSN uranium mining and robbing the federal reserve...I want to freshen things up! This links to the Dynamic Market and Robbable Hospital suggestions I've already posted. I saw this on another altis server and thought it was an amazing idea...A player could rob a hospital to acquire Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Acid to create Meth. Since it will be a high risk to make meth it should also be a high reward for those who are able to make and sell it.
  8. Darkcobra

    EMS Missions

    This ties into my dynamic market idea I've written below. Did your hospital just get robbed? DON'T SWEAT IT! You can do supply runs from one hospital to another to resupply missing items, and you'll be paid overtime for helping! Did every hospital on the island get hit and now you're really hurting for supplies? Sounds like its time to call in the [insert mission here]
  9. this is a screenshot of a mission that popped up on another altis server. I would love to see missions like this for police officers.
  10. I was thinking of having a buff where if you drink alcohol you could carry more but if there was something that better suited that (like maybe a drug) it could go there instead. It would of course have a side effect where you could die if you ate/drank too much of it. (I saw this on another altis life where it was with booze and it made your screen all blurry and wobbly and your person talked gibberish but you were able to carry more items in your inventory)+ Steroids - short term higher carrying capacity and/or run speed, but could cause permanent health effects (at least until you die) Weed - makes your hunger satisfaction go down Alcohol could slightly increase health since you seem to feel less pain when inebriated
  11. Darkcobra


    Changed Status to Completed
  12. Darkcobra

    No police radar

    Changed Status to Completed
  13. Changed Status to Needs More Info
  14. Changed Status to Invalid
  15. Make use of TriggerArea's for capturing instead of capturing a flag. It gives an immersive feeling standing in an area to capture it rather than being at a flag unable to do anything for 30 seconds. Each cartel has it's own special benefit. Cocaine, weed, meth, and most importantly Arms cartel. When players process or sell these drugs the cartel gets X amount of the resource. If a player purchases a weapon from rebel then the cartel gets straight cash. If a player sells drugs then cartel owning that drug gets like 15% of the cash, and that means the player selling gets 15% less. It's an incentive for that player to rise up and take over that cartel to make more money. For the drug cartels the cartel will receive the drugs in a box at the cartel (this is different than Asylum and will involve players interacting with the cartels rather than just capturing and getting rich). They'll then need to take the drugs and go sell it at the dealer. Make it so the gang that holds the correlated cartel doesn't receive any penalty for selling or processing while in control.