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  1. @Paronitydid you fix this before?
  2. Changed Status to Testing
  3. Should be fixed, Nice find! Add $10,000 on launch
  4. yea its just in the map but not active. The should be a way to hide all of the ATM's that aren't functioning
  5. Changed Status to Invalid
  6. Darkcobra

    Upon death

    Changed Status to Invalid
  7. Changed Status to Completed
  8. Darkcobra

    Pub Cops

    Changed Status to Completed
  9. Darkcobra

    Pub Cops

    Good find! Add $10,000 on launch
  10. Changed Status to Needs More Info
  11. Darkcobra

    Upon death

    Changed Status to Needs More Info
  12. Darkcobra

    Upon death

    Seems like this is working as intended
  13. The cops and medics use teamspeak for the moment
  14. Posting this here since we dont have a bot to post ban reports for Space Engineers. Headword Banned: Ipwnoobz15 on: 7/18/2018 For: Language and Racist Slurs Reported by: ZeFrank
  15. So I am needing anyone who has suggestions for mods or how they like an Exile Server to be. PvE or PvP or PvEvP? Map? What type of mods, mainly weapons vehicles and building or something more? List of mods you like? Features you would like to see? Basically I am just looking for features our members want to utilize on the Exile server and will play on it constantly. I need honest opinions and options so that we can make this server popular and fun to play on. This is also to gauge interest in a server like this.