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  1. @Darkcobrayou're clearly passionate about EGN. Please don't take what Erik and I are suggesting personal. Him and I share the same experienced opinion on this subject matter. Just within GSN, RGN, and EGN we've seen all three communities open up tons of game servers but not provide the support to them to actually make them successful. I view a successful server within a community as one that can bring new members to your community. I understand your Minecraft server may be important to you, but when just you and 4 friends are the only players then it's kind of pointless. If you want to host game servers for the sake of hosting them then you're doing well. If you want to have a successful server (not talking about community) then focus on it and grow it. Take this as an example. It was always suggested to GSN and RGN to open a second Altis Life server cause the main one would be full. Why were those second servers either denied or failed? Cause the population isn't there to support it. Just like there isn't population here to support your poorly managed servers: Minecraft, Rust, ECO, and Space Engineers. No offense, but those servers have been completely neglected. No post in them for weeks/months. What's the point of having them if no one even know what's going on with them? Are there improvements? Is there custom development? I don't want to have to sift through 100 Discord messages a day to hear about details on these servers. Discord is not a good method for distributing information, but websites are! Focus on one game. Choose that server and get your marketing team to hype people up. Alert everybody of changes, squash bugs, and produce custom content. It's major key.
  2. Just to add more to what@Erik Fishmensaid, don't have 9 servers if you don't have the people to populate them. While maybe 1-4 members may want a server that doesn't mean you should make it. Especially these ones with "Admins: seeking." That just tells me these servers aren't even supported by the community. "Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell” a great quote to explain how trying to grow and provide servers for ever members demand will ultimately kill you by spreading your focus too thin. You're not focusing on making one server great, but trying to please every member who wants a server. Just cause you have a server up doesn't mean anyone is going to play on it. There are only 228 total members on the server. That's not nearly enough to support population for 9 servers. I'm not sure I need to reiterate the point any further, but I noticed you guys doing the same issue with your Dads Rule Gaming community. You launched that community with multiple servers and no focus. Everyone knows now days that you cannot create the next Facebook over night. That takes years to achieve. The majority of your community population came over from RGN to play Altis Life. RGN offers/offered all the same types of servers you have up. If anyone wanted to play those we could have done it there. However, no one on GSN, RGN, or EGN want to play Minecraft, Rust, ECO (what even is that?), Space Engineers, etc.
  3. It'd be fun to have a leaderboard accessible in-game that'll show the most wanted people. It'll definitely create more combat for these rebels and cops, but I prefer to shift focus towards rebel vs rebel.
  4. Dominic

    Rebel Takeovers

    Is this for rebels taking over police checkpoints (like the gates on the wall) or police headquarters? In the past rebels have been allowed to take over both, but it was more of a terror threat with an attempt to take over the headquarters instead of capturing something.
  5. You have to dedicate your life to Rust if you ever want to rule the server. And even then, you'll need 4-10 friends to hold that status. Coming from someone who has nearly 1,000 hours in the game, and started when the game was still web-based, it is a very time demanding game! You will lose all your shit. Do not get upset if you lose it all until you're super good. There's always another group out there saving up resources to raid you. You're never safe.
  6. Since we're testing... Anyone else having this issue?
  7. In general Rust servers come and go like the wind. I've seen servers with 100 people on them one wipe have zero the next. Server hubs that hold a steady amount of players are ones that have a variety of servers and donator perks that go across all of them. I agree with Hacksaw that Rust is a game for those who don't care to lose everything. I like MrOutlawTV's idea of having the delay then the time duration before complete destruction. Although I think a 4 hour delay and 24 hour duration on all materials (except twig) is fair. If you raid someone and they don't get on for 24 hours then they kinda deserve to have all their stuff wiped.
  8. Pathetic. Way to let all of America down and not be #1
  9. They're apparently 1+ year behind development and still have years of development to go. Will it ever come out? Hopefully. Do I expect to see it within the next year? Nope.
  10. @Paronity I just peeped the Dynamic Map for the server. You should really run the /dynmap fullrender command to render out the entire map when no one is online. Commonly when the map is not completely rendered out, and people are exploring, it will cause the server to lag. If you just fullrender it from the start then everyone gets to see the map, and it won't lag.