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  1. Heyah, with the recent Rust update and hearing the server is attempting to get off the ground again it caught my interest! Though what caught my attention was that it is now vanilla (which is cool!) but also the bi-weekly wipes. I'd love to play on the server again, but wanted to voice my opinion/concern with the wipe rate due to how much time you have to put into the game. Is this set in stone, or up for community feedback at all? I'd personally love a monthly wipe or a forced update wipe schedule when new content hits. Thanks!
  2. Some of the fish on the market do not buy or sell for anything, especially some of the rarer fish that make it worthwhile to go out and fish. Raw Ornate, Raw Salema, & Raw Carshark and just a few to name that have $0 price points.
  3. Event Set! Are you ready for some freaking MAYHEM?! That's right! It's time to finally hop in that sexy car you've been stowing away in your garage for months and show it off to all your friends hoping to make them jealous... That is until some redneck with his big monster truck drives off of the roof of your apartment and lands on top of you crushing your life along with your hopes and dreams. No time for a casual stroll around the city cause we've got some business to take care of, partaking in some dirty heists to rack up fat stack all the way to breaking into the military base hijacking multi-million dollar state of the art military equipment to dominate the lands and fart in the face of world peace. Join us Saturday at 8PM EDT for GTA V where we will be enjoying the mess out of some free-roam gameplay and custom events. Highly recommended that you bring some beer cause it makes everything about 10x more enjoyable when it comes to GTA cause lets be honest here, you're going to be laughing your butt off. Anyways, lets get this show on the road baby!!! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE... don't be a square please... I love you. Hop on in the EGN Discord server at the event start time to add everyone to your friends list and we'll get the games rolling! It's going to be a blast, so bring your friends!!! Want to Join the Events Team? Interested in becoming apart of the EGN Events Team?! Come help make some awesome events to bring everyone in the community together with, just fill out the "Application". I'm looking for pretty much anyone who is interested in helping with hosting/coordinating events, event promotions/giveaways, and so much more. I have great plans for future EGN events but I need your help to make it all possible, sign up today! ❤️
  4. Cannot apply Blind Fold to another player when restrained, error message "Too Far Away" shows and nothing happens.
  5. When you attempt to purchase a CH-49 Mohawk it'll give you the error message: "You do not have the required license and/or level!" But I am able to purchase all other helicopters from the Air Shop including the ORCA which is about the same class as a Mohawk. I do have a Pilot License.
  6. Welcome!!! Glad to have yah here Danobot!
  7. Event Set! We've got our next EGN community event lined up and ready to go for this Saturday at 8pm EDT! We'll be playing ARMA 3 on our very own brand spankin newly updated (V10) ARMA 3: King of The Hill server!!! We're excited to bring the community together and help spark some life into this new server as it's a great opportunity for the community as a whole and I know it's going to be a lot of fun. We'll all start gathering about 15 minutes in Discord prior to the event start at 8pm EDT. All you'll need is a basic copy of ARMA 3 and you'll be set for this event! Don't worry about showing up late, hop in whenever you can and you don't have to stay for the entire thing. We'll be playing till our eyes bleed out. Basic Rules Play to have fun! Lets not dominate other teams because not everyone plays KOTH and will most likely be starting off at a low level. This'll be in effect as long as the player population is low, now if we get the server populated where a lot of people have joined, then it'll eventually turn into all out war, that just can't be avoided but it'll be a lot more fun that way. Keep the teams populated and semi balanced if possible. Balancing is a priority though, lets make sure we have close to even teams so we can have a somewhat level playing field. Server Information: Server Name: EGN | King of the Hill | 24/7 Infantry | Server IP/Port: How to Join: Open ARMA 3 and on the launcher select servers > Internet > search EGN and it should appear. It's better to do it this way rather than the in-game menu. If you have any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns don't hesitate to post them below or PM me via the forums. Want to Join the Events Team? We have an application available now for interest in joining the events team via the "Applications" drop down at the top of the site. I'll be looking for people to help out for the next event as it'll be a lot more structured and will have things being coordinated ahead of time. Anyways, looking forward to seeing some fresh faces helping out!
  8. Hope to see this take off and how these changes will affect the server. I'm excited!
  9. Welcome aboard recruits and congrats on the promotions!
  10. For me personally I just use them or fight them because it's fun. It's not really about the $ for me, I'm not super worried about leveling and all that, I just like the added challenges. **Edit: I have nothing against infantry only either, I just prefer the option of having vehicles as well is all. I'd happily play on either.