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  1. This has been a problem for a bit.
  2. Roberto shot my self and a pub cop multiple times. I admin messaged him regarding role-playing and asked him to join the server. He stated that he didn't use Discord. I explained that he needed to role play more. He killed VDMed multiple people multiple times. He was kicked.
  3. Ashton Smith reported that he was unable to turn in his illegal truck mission at Pygros.
  4. emttim

    EMS medikit

    @TurkeyThe Defibulator is used to revive (I know, I grabbed a Med Kit and hit the streets my first day on as medic. It didn't work. lol) As of last time I checked, MediKits don't do anything. It would be nice for EMS to have that so they can heal people. We had talked about getting the Defibs to only bring someone back to 10% and then the Medics having to fly them to the hospital for full health. But right now, I think that Medikits should only be for Medics and them should be used for unlimited heals to people who need them. @David Crenshawmight want to weigh in.
  5. emttim


    Are they supposed to be able to, @DasPookieBear ?
  6. It would be awesome to learn recipes from the skill tree.
  7. It looks like a pretty fun game from what I have seen and read. But I don't have it. 😞 Hope you find someone!
  8. emttim


    Elementum is the sum of many parts. From players, admin, staff, and founders to games, servers, and creativity. Its one of the reasons why we picked Elementum. (Well, that and the other ideas we had cost too much for a domain. 😁) We are a multifaceted network of elements. And each person can grow in the element chart as they contribute to the community as a whole. A unit that is static or stagnant quickly becomes a fixed object, and with the movement of time forward, becomes something in the rearview mirror. This is not something we want to be. We are always looking for something new to try. Some of these things will fail and they will fall by the wayside. It is the unit that will continue forward. Elementum is always in the state of becoming -becoming something different than we are right now. That includes servers or management tools that we are always working on, individuals who can help a lot right now with aspects of the community and those who will be able to as they gain experience with things. Then there are the servers that die out, members who have real life things get in the way of helping as much as they did at another time. I say all of that to say this: we are always looking for new things to try, people to get to know, games to play, and ideas from you, our community. Need a new game channel on Discord? Let us know! Found a sweet new game you've been love'n? Post about it! Want to pick up that old game you dust off once every few years and relive your childhood? There's a fair bet that someone else has it and would enjoy playing it too. As you do this you too will find yourself becoming a greater part of our community! And with that, you will come to realize: You will belong here. We are far more than one game. We are elements that create an organism. A living being that that is always becoming. We are Elementum Gaming. What will we become next?
  9. Well well, Casual. You're getting older. Good for you. Hope your day is great!
  10. Koda, you get the longest post award. And I'm looking forward to those lotto draws!
  11. emttim

    Disable Sidechat

    That's good to know. I know its possible to just disable it in full.
  12. EMS Helis spawn on their side.
  13. emttim

    Disable Sidechat

    I'd like to look into disabling side chat on the server.
  14. Welcome, one and y'all.