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  1. Kudos to you, man. I'll take your valuable life experiences from you instead of having to learn them on my own. Now one time I tried a hot sauce at a hot cause store in a "challenge" and to cool off I practically drank a bottle of scotch bonnet hot sauce. So... maybe?
  2. emttim

    Article Access

    Omnipotent needs access to be able to post to Articles.
  3. Welcome to our corner of the Internet.
  4. Ah, the coastal state of New Mexico - for all your boating needs. When you make it in the ATC and venture to Oklahoma City, we will get some ice cream.
  5. If this is going to be automated, it can be changed to something like, "...let us know by reaching out to @Koda or one of the Staff members and we will see what we can do!"
  6. Hey there! From time to time we like to check into our Prospects to see how they are coming along in the community. In doing so, we have noticed that you haven’t been active within the community lately and wanted to reach out to you. We are always looking for ways to improve as well as looking for great new games to play or servers to host. Since you had filled out an application and were looking to become a full member of the community, we wanted to reach out and find out if there was any reason you had become less active. If there is something we can do to reignite the fire of passion for this community in you, let us know and we will see what we can do! In the meantime, come by and say hi! We miss you. ❤️ The Elementum Recruiting Team
  7. To add to @Mdude™, aside from the KOTH server, the only server we have does house the ever virgening Altis server. It’s the only server that has been under constant development for the life of the community. But to assume for a moment your assumption is correct (I.e. all donations were intend for Altis only) -even though this is not at all correct- this shows that nearly all of it has gone to expenses that are directly or indirectly related to Altis thus far.
  8. Violation of ToS and CoC
  9. Its been a pleasure to forge stronger friendships, rekindle old friendships and find new friendships over the past few months. That is something we want to continue to do. Servers and playing together is apart of that, but each person, each piece plays a role in making the elements of Elementum.
  10. Happy birthday, man!!
  11. We will be announcing the winner of the donator giveaway!
  12. emttim

    Memorial Day

    Memorial Day, once called “Rememberence Day” is a day to look back at past and present members of society who answered the call to protect that society. Elementum tips our hat to all those who serve red our country. Today, we celebrate you the best way we know how: A day off, grilling, and beer with friends and family. ‘Merica
  13. This has been a problem for a bit.
  14. Roberto shot my self and a pub cop multiple times. I admin messaged him regarding role-playing and asked him to join the server. He stated that he didn't use Discord. I explained that he needed to role play more. He killed VDMed multiple people multiple times. He was kicked.