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    GREETINGS FELLOW ELEMENTALS! Today I am happy to announce we are welcoming some fresh meat to the community, as well congratulating an overdue promotion! I want to note the activity required for promotions is based off of a couple different things, but a main factor is forum activity. There is currently no way to properly monitor Discord activity, if you feel you have been active and your name should be on this list please PM me. Every promotion is a case by case basis. Crewman @Killerstarling6 Prospect @Aarox @BenDeStraws @Joshua Sustic @RavenKinomoto @rawri16 @Wikken @YungBuk All tags should be out within 24 hours of this post congratulations everyone! Please take the time to read the links provided if you are new to Elementum, and again, welcome to the community! Guidelines Ranks and Roles