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    Hope you enjoy my first EGN Montage! Starring: @MrMackeyMK @M2THE49 @Termi @Casual @Gunner @Jhordan @Basketball @Nimbus @Darkcobra @Modoc @AlboGravity @Dominic
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    Where Are We At? Things have been going well, albeit slower than ideal just due to how many admin systems, tools, databases, and features we have been working on outside of just Altis Life coding. @Marcushas been killing it with publicly available scripts and features that we can quickly implement and checking off bugs as he goes along as well. @Mdude™ has been grinding hardcore at scripting everything we throw at him (and more). We have build some really sleak and awesome tools to make administration of Altis Life (and all our servers) super easy for our admins. Things have been going well, and we are still on path to getting this done very soon. WHEN WILL IT BE LIVE PARONITY!? I have been procrastinating on providing a release date to make sure we are able to meet the data that we supply. At this juncture, I am willing to put a date out that we can and will meet. One thing of note that we need to address here though, is that despite my first poll of when people want it to be launched, this will not be any custom features, built from the ground up, but will rather include public scripts, custom admin tools, custom script monitoring, and anti-hack measures. Once the general public is on the box and the bugs have been squashed, I will start on the custom features that will help set this server apart from the rest. Seriously, GIVE ME A DATE This Weekend: We have our free BETA weekend that will allow people to get onto the server and continue to find bugs for us to squash. Next week: All people will continue to have BETA access, as well as opening the server to the general public. We will use this as a push for more features and bugs that we hope to make the server more enjoyable. The server will be put "live" with a message that the data WILL be wiped in the coming week and that any and all issues should be reported to our forums. I imagine people WILL ignore this message, but at least it will be there. Next Weekend: Push the latest build that we have to get the last of the bugs that we can squash. We will then launch the server to the public WITH the live database. Oh yea, that will happen on: We also have rewards out there for those of you that want a little something extra! If you want to go after some of these rewards check out some of these other posts detailing them! Don't forget that you also will get a head start in the live server for assisting us as well! We are also looking into Beta tester exclusive skins for you guys as well! Some final words of thanks! The staff would like to thank @Marcus @Mdude™ @Nimbus @William Ranger and @Casual For their continued efforts in building our Admin tools, our custom map, and the truly grueling work of sitting and coding in all the custom scripts that allow us to do all the cool stuff that we want to do! I would also like to personally thank all of you for your patience while the dust settles of our new community and we start ramping up into some awesome times ahead. I am very excited to start this path of awesomeness with each and every one of you. Do you or someone you know want to help dev? Let us know!! The updated dev application lists our tools, code bases, and possible stacks for you to work with (C#, MySQL, NodeJS, and Angular, to name a few). If you have any interest in helping in anything that we do, be sure to apply by filling out the application, which can be found right over ---> here.
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    The EGN Staff are excited to announce our newest Plebes to our community! Please give a warm welcome to: @Nimbus @Wolfy @Jimmy @Wookie @Shrimpy @DasPookieBear @OmgMrB @Macstar12328 @Monsterlyy Welcome to our community! Wear your tags proudly as you represent our fair community. I have updated everyone's perms in the forums, however, I couldn't find all of you in Discord. If you do not have Plebe badge, please contact me and I'll get them attached! Again! A very warm welcome to each of you! May your time with EGN be a long and happy one. :-)
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    We now have yet a new Staff member! @Mdude™ has graciously accepted our request to be our new Website Monitor! And server Admin, and Altis Life Admin, and Developer. Basically, since he has worked hard at perfect his coding craft, we have begun using him in any way we can. :-) And contrary to popular belief he was NOT who took the forums offline last night. That person shall remain anonymous to protect his identity. Anywho! We wish @Mdude™ all the rest as a Staff member of EGN. May all your coding run perfect on the first try and may you never forget a comma.
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    Can someone please help me figure out what the hell is going on with my brain when I made this!? @Nimbus @Termi @emttim
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    GREETINGS FELLOW ELEMENTALS! I am proud to announce we have some fresh meat joining the ranks today, a couple of rank promotions, and our first prospect to crewman promotions! All tags should be out within 24 hours of this post, congratulations everyone! Server Manager @DrDJ (GTA FiveM) Server Administrator @Marcus (GTA FiveM) Crewman @DasPookieBear @Jack Smith @OmgMrB @Wookie Prospect @ItsKyle @Lova @SomeoneYouLike Please be sure to read the links provided, and again, welcome to the community! Guidelines Ranks and Roles
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    Needed to clear some space so I made this
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    no lock on (only) kills no AA kills (cause boring) @Nimbus @Kherune @Casual @M2THE49 @Koda @Al Hoff @AlboGravity @special johnny @11bravoactual
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    HELLO FELLOW ELEMENTALS! The staff meeting tonight was very productive and I would like to announce that we have some rank changes going into effect: The previous "Administrator" rank has been changed to Server Manager. A new rank has been added call Server Administrator. The Moderator rank has been removed. "Veteran Member" is now just strictly Veteran. "Fledgling" is now Crewman. "Plebe" is now Prospect. All previous Veteran/Fledgling members who were admins of a server have been bumped up to Server Administrator and will now be rightly represented on the forums and discord. I will list below who this immediately affects. There are still a few things we are working on so this list might change within 48 hours. Server Manager @Darkcobra (Altis Life) @Headword (Senior Dev) @Jhordan (Altis Life) @Kest (Altis Life) @M2THE49 (Minecraft) @SpaceBat (Arma 3 COOP) Server Administrator @Connor (Altis Life) @David (Altis Life) @David Crenshaw (Altis Life) @DrDJ (FiveM) @Dustles (Altis Life) @gvstaylor (Altis Life) @Marsendji (Altis Life) @Ocean (Altis Life) @Portal2TheMoon (Altis Life) @Sammy The Seal (FiveM) @Window Licker (Altis Life) Veteran @D3structiveDude
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    i7 8700k, 32GB RAM, 500GB NVMe SSD + 3TB, Dual NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti SLI and some old CRT monitor I plan on upgrading soon.
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    I am pleased to announce we now have our very own King of the Hill server! EGN | King of the Hill | 24/7 Infantry | The server is configured to INFANTRY ONLY. As @CaptainSam101 mentioned we are going to take advantage of the big changes that are coming to the KOTH mod and see if we can get some foot traffic from it! If you have never played KOTH - Large scale PVP centered on capturing the AO - Leveling system. as you play and get kills you earn $$ to buy better weapons even vehicles / attack choppers - 3 teams Blufor Opfor Independent RULES Respect all players at all times No spawn camping (PLEASE Allow enemy vehicles At least 500m out of their spawn) No excessive VOIP spam No chopper Ramming IF an enemy vehicle is camping on the edge of their safe zone and FIRES they are free game (think rules of engagement) Type "EGN"in your server filter to find it! Thanks!
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    I had a blast during the event last night and wanted to share this snippet that happens as everyone was going to bed. Hope you enjoy! Starring: @SpaceBat @Mdude™
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    Wii remote for precision
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    EGN Community Event Poll for Saturday 4/14/18 Heyoh everyone! It's time to vote on a game for our next EGN community event for this Saturday at 8:00 PM EDT 4/14/18. We had a blast at our previous event playing on our brand spankin new ARMA 3: KOTH server, thank you all for showing up, having fun, and maxing out the server!!! Below is a list of games we're starting off with and is NOT set in stone by any means. These are just suggested ones by myself and will be updated on the main post as other members suggest games that they'd like to see hosted in community event days. Just be sure if you want to vote on another game to select the "Other" option and reply with the name of the game and mode(s) that you'd like. If you've got any questions, suggestions, or feedback let me know below. Really looking forward to this Saturday again and hope to see a lot of you there. What Do You Want to Play? Grand Theft Auto 5: You can't go wrong with some old fashion GTA! We'd party up together and host some custom game lobbies among ourselves and free-roam so you can show off how many hours of your life that you've wasted to arm yourself with a military vehicle arsenal. Chivalry Medieval Warfare: If you've never played Chivalry before you're missing out! Chop off your foes extremities with a great sword or blow their head off with ballistas, this game will have you laughing your ass off on the floor. Killing Floor 2: Classic zombie wave survival with bosses and a super omega destroyer boss at the end to top it off. If carnage is your thing, Killing Floor has got you covered! Glory be to blood, guts, and gibs! ARMA 3: We all know and love it, there's tons of potential game modes to play with everyone! Name your game! Not interested in any of the above? Make it known with a post below and we'll poll it too. Polling Closes Thursday Evening at 7:00 PM EDT Want to Join the EGN Events Team? Interested in becoming apart of the Events Team for EGN? Fill out a simple and quick applications by clicking HERE. We're looking for people that can help assist making these events bigger and better! This includes creating graphics, promo videos, event setup, and so on. If you feel that you can help, send in a application and we'll look forward to meeting with yah!
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    me n @CaptainSam101 are real profeshioinals!
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    Decided it was about time to post an introduction, most of you know me but for those of you that don't my name is Johnathan, I live in central Alabama, I'm 22 years old and I go by the name Eagles online, my interests include Far Cry 5, Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty. I stream on occassion and plan on streaming some when the Altis server is fully launched as Altis Life can always provide decent content, I hope to see all of you on the server when it launches .
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    Hello everyone! Firstly, I’d like to thank the EGN community for allowing me the opportunity to be apart of this community and the chance to bring the community even closer together through gaming events. I am looking forward to creating these events with the community, meeting the new faces that come with it, and having a ton of fun with everyone! Anyways, I wanted to give you all a brief overview of the things that I am wanting to do with this new position as I plan to be completely transparent with it all since it’s entirely a community effort to plan these and make sure they go according to plan. First things first! We need to do some hardcore polling up in this place. I’m going to make a thread here is a little while getting everyone's feedback and seeing what everyone wants to play. When it comes to determining games that we play I’ll be taking a lot of things into consideration to maximise the amount of members that’d be able to attend the events. I understand that not everyone will always be able to make events and while most of the time I’d love to cater towards a larger turnout I’ll also be trying to team up with the EGN eSports team for more competitive community events as well. What I’m thinking with that is, we will aim for weekly community events focused on large community turnouts in games that a lot of members share a common interest in like we did with the latest Minecraft event. As for involving the eSports team if the community has a lot of interest in competitive events we can also throw that in the weekly community events, OR we could try a different day/time for more competitive events for those that are into competitive games that the eSports team is interested in hosting. But we’ll discuss that in some future polling cause I’m really interested in seeing what we can come up with! Second on the list, I need help! Are you interested in helping me out and joining the events team? I will be working on an application for members to fill out showing interest and we’ll go on from there. I want for our events to be well thought out, in-depth, and make it a widespread community effort to make them happen. I’ll be looking for people that’ll be able to help out with promotional media such as graphics for advertising and video production for event promos (It is possible that this might be filled by the EGN media team, I’ll figure this out before positions go up). I’ll also be looking for a couple people to assist with the planning and preparations for the events. There might be some more positions popping up here and there, regardless you’ll be notified via the community announcements when we’re ready for some additional hands. Third and lastly for now, you want some sprinkles with those events?! Of course you do!!! I’ll be working on some bomb prize pools/giveaways. I’ll be working on the logistics soon, but ideally I’d like to get to the point where I can include some awesome giveaways for certain events. Starting off it’ll come out of my pocket but maybe we can come up with some other methods later on as EGN matures and is funded enough to help out, or even the community could aid with this in some fashion. But anyways, I do plan on doing giveaways for the weekly community events and the giveaway would be the game that we plan on playing. I want to give as many people possible the opportunity to join us and game! I can’t wait to go further in-depth with this and expand on it with more giveaways, prize pools, and more. I’m so excited to be apart of all of this and assist making these events as fun as they can be. Thanks again to everyone, and I’m looking forward to playing with or against you all! >:D
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    HI EVERYONE! We've been messing around with ranks recently and have had a lot of people moving around. I know that can be confusing so I have decided to keep track of promotions and recruitment in posts like this, either weekly, bi weekly, or monthly depending on our recruitment for that month. Without further ado, we would like to introduce our newest promotions and recruits to the community! STAFF @Cullen (Esports) @Mdude™ (Website Monitor/Senior Dev) @MrMackeyMK (Community Events) MANAGER @Darkcobra (Altis Life) @Headword (Senior Dev) @Jhordan (Altis Life) @Kest (Altis Life) @M2THE49 (Minecraft) @SpaceBat (Arma 3 COOP) Veteran @DarkStar @Devils_Knight88 @Dustles @MrCheezle @MrOutlawTV @Termi Crewman @Harrison Smith @ManofConstantGold @Marcus @Modoc @Portal2TheMoon @SpecialKillerJ @Ta Pramen @William Ranger @Window Licker @Sadistic_Malice @MirandaDarkHeart PROSPECT @Babadook @Bob Hoss @Casual @Chozzi @Frogmaster @Jack Smith @Michael Stevenson @Wally For those wondering exactly what ranks do what, please refer to this link. Every new PLEBE have the opportunity to join the recruitment team, just PM me if you are interested! Welcome everyone who is new and congratulations to all the promotions. If you do not receive your tags within 24 hours on the forums or discord please PM me so I can fix that for you.
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    The Founders are excited to announce that we have a new Staff position filled! Our new eSports Manager is Cullen! Cullen has been heavily into eSports for 12 years and brings a plethora of experience to the table. EGN has some fantastic players across multiple games including Rocket League, Overwatch and PUBG. There is a log of talent and potential here. Cullen wants to take that talent and put that to use, and give those motivated enough a direction. We here at EGN are excited to use Cullen's experience to work towards some big goals. Cullen's immediate goals are to establish team leaders and rosters for the titles mentioned above. If you are are a goal oriented and driven player, he is looking for players to build teams. You will have the support of the community to WIN. For long-term goals, Cullen is looking to establish the EGN name as a well known and respect eSports organization: Gain support, get sponsored and see how far we can take this. With all that in mind, we are not going to turn into a community that forgets friendship in the name of winning. And we look forward to forging even better friendships through this endeavor. If you have any questions, please message Cullen and ask! Again congratulations, @Cullen, on this new adventure and we are excited to see what you have in store with us!
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    We have exciting news! Since we reached our donation goal for the month, we are excited to announce that for the month of April, the Altis BETA Server will be free to play to all EGN members on weekends! This starts 4/7/2018. This will serve a few different purposes: 1) You will have time on the server to see the progress that our development team has made week by week! 2) ALL BETA players (subscribers and non-subscribers) will be rewarded on the Altis launch! Some of the things that this will be based on are: a) Time played; b) activities completed; c) money earned and spent; feedback provided in the form of features or bugs. This means that you will have a leg up on launch day! Not an EGN member? Conduct yourself well on the forums, Discord and any servers you are on, and for good measure, talk to our Recruiting Manager @Koda so you don't miss this opportunity!
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    Ill keep it short so here is what you need to know.... Im Cole Bellic I used to play Arma way to much and im coming back for Altis Life, well at least I hope. I know most of you but for the ones I don't hello nice to meet you im great at RP. #BellicGang
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    HELLO FELLOW ELEMENTALS! We have some fresh meat joining the community today, along with a new admin! All tags should be out within 24 hours of this post, congratulations everyone! Server Administrator @Termi (KOTH) Prospect @aka_ned @Chloroplasm @Greese McGeese @Hiroshi @Jakek @Shor @Ranger Robbie Please be sure to read the links provided, and again, welcome to the community! Guidelines Ranks and Roles
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    Event Set! Alright everyone! Apologies for the late post/notice but had some IRL business to attend to. Anyways, we've got ourselves another ARMA 3 event for this Saturday 4/14/18 at 8:00 PM EDT. We'll be playing ARMA 3: Liberation on our EGN hosted server with server manager @SpaceBat! What's ARMA 3: Liberation? The area has fallen to the enemy and it is up to you to take it back! Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all capitals across the region. Experience a massive “Capture the Island” campaign involving a large range of different settlements across the entire area. Cooperate with up to 34 players, including a Commanding role, two fire-team squads, a medevac and a logistical support squad as well as AI recruits to fill the gaps. Purchase both infantry and vehicles (both ground and air) using three different types of physical resources; supplies, ammunition and fuel. Build the FOB of your dreams with an in-game "what you see is what you get" system. Play within an immersive engine that not only punishes you for civilian casualty but diversely reacts in turn. Combat aggressive and cunning hostile forces who react and adapt to your actions. Monitor and work alongside, or against, independent guerrilla forces. Learn that every window is a threat thanks to the custom urban combat AI. Accomplish meaningful secondary objectives that will benefit your progression. Never lose your progress with the built-in server-side save system. The EGN server is outfitted with some seriously amazing mods that immerse you into the game world. You'll feel like you're really on the battlefield with your friends fighting right besides you, if you've never participated in a mil-sim scenario before then you're going to really enjoy this. So due to the server having quite a few mods that you'll need to install, it's highly recommended that you pre-load everything you'll need ahead of time. It's super easy, just follow the quick step guide below or if you have any troubles at all contact @MrMackeyMK via the forums or in Discord and I'll get you all set up. Mod Installation: Start ARMA 3 via Steam and wait for the ARMA 3 game launcher to appear. Select the side tab "Servers" and then select the "Internet" tab at the top of the page. In the "Search Servers" filter type in "Elementum" and wait a moment for the servers to populate and the COOP server should appear. Select "Join" and a new window will appear that'll allow you to "Setup Mods & Join". Do this and all of the mods will download automatically and once they are finished you'll be able to join the server automatically afterwards. Running into any issues? Contact @MrMackeyMK via forums or Discord. Want to Join the Events Team? We have an application available now for interest in joining the events team via the "Applications" drop down at the top of the site. I'll be looking for people to help out for the next event as it'll be a lot more structured and will have things being coordinated ahead of time. Anyways, looking forward to seeing some fresh faces helping out!
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    Adding two more members to the dev team today. @Nimbus - Will be taking over lead for the map changes. He will be helping me manage all of the changes that need to be done for that as well as helping me merge them all into our glorious mission file. @Marcus - will be taking over some of the basic troubleshooting and debugging in the SQF side of things. He will be putting a focus on getting as many features and bugs fixed as soon as possible to allow me to start on the more custom features that we want to bring to the table. Give them a big EGN welcome!
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    Just keep it casual honestly. The way it is now is just the right amount of mil sim style that we need. The server already has a bit of a learning curve just to get started.. Anymore and it will turn players off of it. I respect whatever you guys want to do with it but keep in mind some people just want to hop in, shoot stuff, have fun and not have to know all the crazy strats and training that goes with the mil sim servers.
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    BACK WHEN I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO FLY! (found this old gem on my computer but it wasn't on youtube) Made by @M2THE49 and voiced by @MrMackeyMK
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    Hello all! We have another exciting first today as well. In addition to our first plebe, we now have our first recruits into the Development team as well. These guys will be helping me on various activities and on-goings around the site, our tools, and so much more. The biggest things that we will be tackling imminently will be admin tools, Altis Life, and custom web panels. I have a lot of things that I would love to do and I'm looking forward to having a team to help me with these goals. Say hello to them and wish them luck! Senior Developers: @Mdude™ @Headword Developers: @William Ranger @Marcus @Nimbus If you think you would be a great asset to the team, please do not hesitate to apply. We want to build a great team to do these great visions that I have. No matter what your experience level, I want to talk to you about it. Be it scripting, mapping, coding, designing, or just general guru-ness of all things tech. Bring it on! The application is at the top of the page, or right over here: https://elementumgaming.com/application/form/4-development-application/
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    Altis Life BETA Development Hey everyone, our Altis Life server is currently in the beta stage as of late Monday night! Just to reiterate we are building off of the latest framework to create the smoothest and most enjoyable Altis Life server we can. During the beta testing we are doing quite a few things and we want to make sure all of you understand why we are in a beta stage. We are working at: Squashing annoying bugs from the start Building lists of features we want in game, coding, then testing those features Complete retrofit of the map placements, spawns, and map editing Building the support systems that help us manage a large project for managers, admins, and developers Many aspects such as police leadership, ems leadership, rules, procedures are also being created We have been approached a couple times about using older finished Altis Life server files that some of us are accustomed to. Lets address that. First these server files are OLD, years old. Arma 3 in these years has had many updates which has broken these servers from working and it would take a tremendous amount of time to get them up to speed. Plus we want to build a better server than those previously. A developer can look at code and see what is going on, but to comprehend a whole project and system that was created by others takes a long time. Building from the ground up allows them to know the system intimately which is what we want. Getting Access to BETA Servers Donor subscriptions went live Monday evening as well. You can find them in the store here. Click on the package to see the benefits. Each package will give you access to our beta servers. We have not yet gotten to the safety net of finances we were hoping to acquire, and these subscription will help us get there. We want to be able to provide a dedicated server to host our Altis Life: blazing fast download and upload, very low ping, hardware to support the demand and strain Altis will put on the server, the cream of the crop. Joining the Beta You do not need a password or anything to join, but you will need to ensure that your Arma ID (Steam ID) is on your forums profile. After you have this field set and you have a package purchased, it should make you authorized on the server within 5 minutes. Server IP: Port: 2302 If you have any trouble accessing the server, please open a support ticket. As stated in the post about the server, this will not be treated as a production server and it could go down at any time, so please keep that in mind. Thanks! If you join the server and it still tells you that you need to donate. Try the following: Confirm your ARMA ID is correct in your forum profile Confirm that your ARMA ID is correct in your forum profile Leave the server and wait 5 minutes and connect again. Confirm your ARMA ID is the correct number Important Links Donation Packages - Click Here Altis Life Forums - Click Here Altis Managers, Admins, Department Heads - Click Here Altis beta Player Guidelines - Click Here Create Feature Requests, Post Bugs, etc - Click Here Discord Altis Channels
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    Delayed!? Thanks to circumstances beyond my control, we have made very little progress on the issues and features over this past two weeks. I have been dealing with one family emergency after the other over this last week and it has not been a productive time for me to be able to work on anything. For that I apologize, however, that is not the biggest reason that I have decided to delay the launch of the server. The biggest reason is just pure lack of testing on my part, as well as not enough hard to the bone testing by anyone for that matter. For those that have played on the server and provided feedback, we greatly appreciate what we have gotten so far. WHEN WILL IT BE LIVE NOW, PARONITY!? I want to add about 2 weeks of hardcore bug fixing to the mix. Based on the feedback that we got just this week, the code-base has some holes that MUST be corrected before we have a living, breathing server to play on. While I am confident that many of you would be willing to put up with a few bugs while we correct them, we have to think of the big picture. If we release a server that is riddled with bugs and is not functional, it won't get popular at all, and if it does, it won't last long. May the Force Be With You The new launch date is now going to be: We also have rewards out there for those of you that want a little something extra! If you want to go after some of these rewards check out some of these other posts detailing them! Don't forget that you also will get a head start in the live server for assisting us as well! We are also looking into Beta tester exclusive skins for you guys as well! Some final words of thanks! The staff would like to thank @Marcus @Mdude™ @Nimbus @William Ranger and @Casual For their continued efforts in building our Admin tools, our custom map, and the truly grueling work of sitting and coding in all the custom scripts that allow us to do all the cool stuff that we want to do! Thanks to @Gunner, @AlboGravity, and @Casual for the recent swarm of testing every crack and crevice and reporting their findings. I would also like to personally thank all of you for your patience while the dust settles of our new community and we start ramping up into some awesome times ahead. I am very excited to start this path of awesomeness with each and every one of you. Do you or someone you know want to help dev? Let us know!! The updated dev application lists our tools, code bases, and possible stacks for you to work with (C#, MySQL, NodeJS, and Angular, to name a few). If you have any interest in helping in anything that we do, be sure to apply by filling out the application, which can be found right over ---> here.
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    Heaven in a boat
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    Hey Boys and Girls do I even need to do an introduction even though most people here already know me? OF COURSE, I DO!!!, allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Falcon, I have joined up with EGN ever since Al Hoff left RGN. I am assuming that is as close to Day 1 as I am gonna get and I will take that. Being in EGN means a lot to me because there is just so many people and so much activity it really brings be back to the day of what I community should be. It is good to be surrounded by friends and people that are just your best bro's you know. Anyways, I am 18 years old I am from NJ and I am a FiveM and Roleplaying Enthusiast you will most likely see me playing FiveM all the time every day unless there is something like homework or school that I am doing instead.Another thing about me, I am very social and like to chat with people. So hey if you want to chat with me I will keep conversations going with you in and out just hmu. Most people I know I message every now and then to catch up and talk. It helps keep me productive when I am not gaming. I like to do programming in my free time where I see fit as well. RGN is where I am from for the past 2 years but not that entire 2 years I have dedicated some time and efforts there and I could take it as a community growth experience for me. Now that I have moved on over to EGN I have yet to see what potentials I have here and what I can do. so, if you ever want to hang out, talk or play some games you know who to go to. Hope you all have a great day! Looking forward to great moments yet to be had in EGN -John Falcon
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    Mdude has been banned Banned by: Mdude™ Reason: [testing ban functionality, please ignore] Server: coop
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    Nelson Clancy [FBI] has been banned Banned by: Mdude™ Reason: Ban evasion, teamkilling, breaking CoC, trolling, griefing Server: coop
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    Thanks all for the warm welcome!
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    Happy birthday!Please join me in celebrating the following members' special day: @John Duskey
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    If Chivalry wins, I will donate the game to one random person! I'll enter anyone that likes this post! Good luck!
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    "But thats just an offroad" "I don't fucking care blow it up"
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    Hey all, I am Ranger Robbie. I know many of you, but it's been a while. I am 17, live in Minnesota, and other than video games, I just work, go to school, and play in a band. You might see me around every once in a while, depending on how busy I am in real life. However if you do see me, I will probably be playing Arma 3. I am excited to see a promising community coming up, and hopefully this one sticks. I love Altis life servers, and hope that I get back into playing them again. Thanks for reading @Wookieis a beautiful barnacle
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    Hello EGN, My name is Miranda and I'm not very good at introductions! I'm new to being part of a gaming community, only a part-time social butterfly, and I may not be a pro at any game but I've always enjoyed gaming and I'm hoping to come out of my shell a bit here and spend more time playing now that I finally have the opportunity
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    Facepunch is rolling out the Monthly update which means a forced wipe. This means, new map and the chance to add a few goodies to the server. With @MrOutlawTV and @DarkStar input, we should have a simple list of modifications which Ill call "Slightly Vanilla" The proposed Server config is: x4 Everything Monthly Wipe (Only Forced by Facepunch) !Remove Tool (For removing walls and placed items with ease) RustIO Pretty Simple List which makes for a simple set up. If I have missed anything @MrOutlawTV and @DarkStar, let me know.
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    EGN has a new staff position filled! Please welcome @MrMackeyMK as the newest staff. We are very excited to see Mackey work to make some great events! Mackeyy's proposals on his vision for the community was exactly what we wanted to see in the community. We hope to bring the community together for some great events yet to come! All the best to you Mackey!!
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    So, in this thread I will be posting videos, and clips of my streams. Which generally feature @MrOutlawTV Like it, hate it love it. Leave me a follow if you're on twitch! Check me out some time! Tarkov Test Clip " Oh F!@#$# " https://clips.twitch.tv/OutstandingUninterestedCurryYee " iM PLAYIN TAG!" https://clips.twitch.tv/SolidHorribleWheelWoofer Full Hunt Showdown video! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244056209
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    We are not a single game community and will not ever be, so putting something off to "focus" on Altis is not going to help our cause. Let's try and focus on opinions that are for or opposed to a game for the game itself, and not let any other game or server influence those opinions. Altis Life will continue to get worked on at approximately the same pace no matter what. That is why we have an entire staff to help with this stuff and not just the Paronity show. As for the game itself, I think it looks unique. I saw a post about it just a day or two ago and though it was an interesting blend of games. I'd be interested in giving it a whirl sometime soon.
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    HEYO! Welcome meat. I'm your dad. Nice to meat you.
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    Fireteam leads will be pre-selected. CAS will probably not even be part of the equation. That's just a judgement call for the moment. We'll see how the server performs with more people than usual on it. Liberation runs slightly south of perfect with 12 people on, so if there's a few more, it could get worse as the mission scales difficulty/numbers with player count. I don't want CAS making the mission run harder. But we'll see. We have access to the entire build list, and I'll be directing a Tank Platoon this evening, so it's unlikely we'll have to worry about any CAS.
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    Hey guys! With the recent closing of Hostile Takeover, we thought it would be a good opportunity to open up a King of the Hill server for ArmA III. This will give everyone here a place to play it, and also give us another server which could potentially bring in a decent amount of foot traffic. We're currently in the process of setting up and configuring an ArmA 3: King of the Hill server! We'll post more updates as it gets ready, but we're currently looking for people who would be potentially interested in Managing and/or Administrating the server! If you or someone you know is interested, post below and let us know!
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    EGN is proud to offer a series of MineCraft servers for your general amusement. There are a handful of different game modes, settings, and servers to use that all go through our centralized hub server. You can get to them all using the information provided below. Prerequisites Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Client Side Mods Needed: None Account on the forums, with your Minecraft ID set on your profile. Server Types Skyblock: A survival map where players are challenged to live and build on a floating island. The object of the map is to survive without cheating, expand your island, grow your own food and thrive. Survival: A "vanilla" experience that is running on Spigot (a faster fork of the default Minecraft). There are many plugins in use to help with a better, and more interactive, experience. A detailed list of these will be coming soon. This is where the majority of building will take place. This server has a Live Map view of it for people to look at as well. Details Hostname: minecraft.elementumgaming.com Port: Default (25565) Dynamp (For Survival Vanilla): http://minecraft.elementumgaming.com:8126/ Features, issues or bugs can be posted in the project for Minecraft: https://elementumgaming.com/projects/project/5-minecraft/?do=issues NOTE: With the imminent release of 1.13 upon us, that may change some things about the server. You may want to consider not going too far from spawn at this time so that we can generate the rest of the world when the new items, structures, spawns, and mobs are in the game. Just food for thought.
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    So recently I've started making cinematic screenshots in Arma I've been wanting some feedback, these are a couple from a vanilla Arma 3 "album" I guess you could call it. Any feedback will be appreciated and maybe some tips if any of you have made cinematic screenshots before.