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    Elementum is the sum of many parts. From players, admin, staff, and founders to games, servers, and creativity. Its one of the reasons why we picked Elementum. (Well, that and the other ideas we had cost too much for a domain. šŸ˜) We are a multifaceted network of elements. And each person can grow in the element chart as they contribute to the community as a whole. A unit that is static or stagnant quickly becomes a fixed object, and with the movement of time forward, becomes something in the rearview mirror. This is not something we want to be. We are always looking for something new to try. Some of these things will fail and they will fall by the wayside. It is the unit that will continue forward. Elementum is always in the state of becoming -becoming something different than we are right now. That includes servers or management tools that we are always working on, individuals who can help a lot right now with aspects of the community and those who will be able to as they gain experience with things. Then there are the servers that die out, members who have real life things get in the way of helping as much as they did at another time. I say all of that to say this: we are always looking for new things to try, people to get to know, games to play, and ideas from you, our community. Need a new game channel on Discord? Let us know! Found a sweet new game you've been love'n? Post about it! Want to pick up that old game you dust off once every few years and relive your childhood? There's a fair bet that someone else has it and would enjoy playing it too. As you do this you too will find yourself becoming a greater part of our community! And with that, you will come to realize: You will belong here. We are far more than one game. We are elements that create an organism. A living being that that is always becoming. We are Elementum Gaming. What will we become next?
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    For all the people hating on EGN for Altis because. You are acting like its all you have to live for, IF you arent happy about it. No one forces you to play on the server. We have OTHER servers to play on. The unsung servers if you will. Some of your whoas are justified. Some of you are justified babies.
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    Finally starting Twitch streaming šŸ˜Š Check me out šŸ’œ
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    I noticed this and can fix it. But, Iā€™m not sure if there is a reason to have a toolkit as a physical item and virtual item. Should we have one over the other or both?
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    Quake Champions anyone?
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    First, we will start with my favorite vehicles pawnee, but before that, you must know the kajman and blackfoot as individuals in order to take them out. Kajman 45 degree forward facing radar, cannot see behind hills 30mm he and ap 2 rockets to kill 8 atgm 1 shot any vehicle blackfoot 180degree forward facing radar, cannot see behind hills 20mm he 1 rocket kill 4 asraam missles 1 hits any air vehicles (notorious for going through flares) CHAPTER 1 PAWNEE Now that you understand them first thing is first you must run countermeasures on a pawnee otherwise if a blackfoot locks you your dead unless you can quickly find a hill or building( note if you further than 2km away from the blackfoot additional flares will be needed switch flares to single mode and release one every 1-2 seconds until you hear the missile miss and hit ground). Second understanding their radar position yourself out of their radar angle by hiding behind hills etc. GET OUT OF THEIR RADAR a frontal assault is almost suicide. third understand neither helicopter can shoot while running or above them. stay low for as long as possible but when behind their radar climb high WHEN YOU CAN. target your shots carefully and kill the target. if they see you and rush you don't be afraid to go under them, you are in a pawnee you are agile as shit use it. CHAPTER 2 tigris tip 1: DO NOT BE AT THE TOP OF A HILL position yourself on the backside of a hill so they are forced to get close to you. hit T to auto range and get a lead indicator and gun them down (yes it is really that simple) if facing a kajman I recommend smoking early rather than late.) use guns if they are within 2km use missiles outside of that or to deter a missile incoming, it will often spook the pilot causing the gunners aim to go off mark CHAPTER 3 OTHER BIG BIRDS tip 1: be higher than your opponent hope your gunner is better than theirs. CHAPTER 4 if all else fails buy a AA titan launcher and go manpad it cost you 100$ to go out and taking down 1 kajman grants 2500 meaning 1 kill= 25 more trips out.... yes this is broken yes it is annoying cause eventually you will get a kill and you will make profit.
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    yes we can totally contest with the other 14 infantry servers....
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