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    hello so i am Aarox im on the discord and well not much to say i stream and hang out and yea. I play many games anything that keeps my intrest for more than a few days is a awesome feeling like that pixlemon thing haha but if u have any questions dont hesitate to ask. years ago i used to be a member of a old gaming guild that used forums as well called Swords of Villanousity and broke off from them and been searching for a new group like yall here
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    GREETINGS FELLOW ELEMENTALS! Today I am happy to announce we are welcoming some fresh meat to the community, as well congratulating an overdue promotion! I want to note the activity required for promotions is based off of a couple different things, but a main factor is forum activity. There is currently no way to properly monitor Discord activity, if you feel you have been active and your name should be on this list please PM me. Every promotion is a case by case basis. Crewman @Killerstarling6 Prospect @Aarox @BenDeStraws @Joshua Sustic @RavenKinomoto @rawri16 @Wikken @YungBuk All tags should be out within 24 hours of this post congratulations everyone! Please take the time to read the links provided if you are new to Elementum, and again, welcome to the community! Guidelines Ranks and Roles
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    Hey guys! In case you didn't notice, EGN has an official Twitter and Facebook accounts! Follow us to keep up to date to community news and announcements. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElementumGaming Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElementumGaming/
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    i will be doing a meeting about this. coming soon, where i will discuss server population etc
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    Welcome Pixelmoners! Welcome to EGN Pixelmon! The core of this modpack is in it's namesake - Pixelmon Reforged, but this pack is custom-built with the player in mind. We've added some storage and furnace solutions with Furnace Overhaul and Iron Chests and now you can make a secret entrance to your base with Secret Rooms. Note: Because this pack is a bit larger than most Pixelmon packs, you will want to allocate more RAM. 2GB or more is recommended. For this to work, you will need 64-bit Java. You can download it by clicking here and selecting Windows Offline (64-bit). Current Client-side Mod List: Better FPS - Guichaguri BiblioCraft - Nuchaz Biomes O' Plenty - Glitchfiend, Adubbz, Forstride - No Land Gen enabled - Shop Items Coming Soon Chisel - tterrag1098, Drullkus, Minecreatr Furnace Overhaul - TheCazadorSniper Inventory Tweaks - Kobata Iron Chest - progwml6 & Alexbegt Long Fall Boots - NanoHeart, InsomniaKitten, Xbony2 Optifine - sp614x Pixelmon Reforged Quick Leaf Decay - Lumien ReAuth - TechnicianLP Secret Rooms 5 - AbrarSyed, Pricea1 Wearable Backpacks - PuppetzMedia, asiekierka, buildcraftchildsplay, copygirl, InsomniaKitten, mindlesspuppetz Blockcraftery - epicsquid319, elucent Current Server-side Mod/Plugin List: Grief Prevention MagiBridge/DiscordLink - Allows for live chat update to Discord server Pokedex Rewards - Earn rewards as you complete your Pokedex. PixelHunt - Adds wild Pixelmon hunts for rewards! WonderTrade - Trade your Pixelmon for a random one! Our modpack is available on the Technic Launcher or using Elementum's own custom Launcher. Our custom launcher will receive all updates, and will be compatable with any future Minecraft servers that EGN opens! You can find our server for Technic here: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/elementum-gaming-pixelmon.1316685/about You can download the server launcher here (instructions below): https://files.elementumgaming.com/EGNMC-1.0-installer.exe Please don't mind the dust, as we are still under a bit of construction, but we hope you enjoy your time. If you're running into connection issues, launch issues, or have any questions about the server, don't hesitate to reach out! Management Team: Staff @Kherune Manager @Gurthyy Admin @Aarox @RavenKinomoto @Wikken Launcher Instructions: Run through the installer. It will install to your Program Files folder by default. Your Minecraft instance will ultimately install to your AppData folder in a folder called .EGN-Minecraft. Once installed, double click on your desktop icon. After being prompted for your Minecraft credentials, you will be told you need to update your EGN Pixelmon Instance. Click okay, and then click the update button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. While it updates, you will want to allocate additional RAM to your instance and make sure the pack is using 64-bit Java (See note above for download). Select the gear icon in the top-left and update the 1G to the number of gigs of RAM you would like to allocate. Once the update is complete, select Launch Minecraft and away you go! The launcher will connect you directly to the server. In the future, this launcher will even be used for additional packs and servers!
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    Hello everyone, hope your week has started off great! We have some updates from some of the managers, staff, and founders. You're more than welcome to comment on the post to ask questions or the like! Recruitment with @Koda "Recruitment is done for this month, all new promotions and recruits will be done next month." - Koda -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Media with @Koda "Still lacking admins for our social media sites, if you're interested please PM me (Koda) You will start with the EGN facebook page and move on from there when we get enough admins." - Koda -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Space Engineers with @MrCheezleand @Headword "Continuing to assist Headword with administration and maintenance on the Space Engineers servers. SE Server is down and will need some dedicated attention to figure out what mod has broken it." - Cheeze "So going back through notes Tuesday, there was a small patch. Keen patched space engineers and it seemed fine at first but what it did was undo a bunch of things that had been changed before breaking mods in the process. I'm redoing the dedicated server files, mod files, plugins, and settings one by one looking for bugs." - Head -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Altis Life with @Darkcobraand @Kheruneand @Gunner "We are are finishing up the last couple of bugs to get the server where we want it and then we will begin testing functionality" - Dark "Launched Department head applications and will be reviewing them in the following weeks." - Kherune "Finished the final bugs, still needed people to help with federal reserve balance testing. The next step will be to adjust prices of vehicles markets guns etc and to check to make sure everything works on the live server. We also have begun picking leadership for chief of police. Police apps will open once chief of police has been chosen" - Gunner -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minecraft with @Gurthyy "Launcher should be finalized in the next couple of days. Auto-launch to server, minimal steps to play, easy updates." - Gurth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pixelmon with @Kheruneand @Gurthyy "Currently working on spawn and balancing, prepping for launch." - Kherune "Spawn island WIP. balancing economy, configuring grief prevention plugins. Launch date to be announced in the coming days." - Gurth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whats Goin On with @Mdude™ "I've been assisting in getting Pixelmon up and running as quickly as we can, and trying to troubleshoot the problems with Space Engineers. So far, the guys who wrote the server tooling we're using are aware of the problems and are working to fix the issues, but that's all I know about it. Pixelmon is coming along nicely and should be coming very quickly." - Mdude -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whats Goin On with @Al Hoff "Been pretty busy. Have not implemented everything I wanted to that was stated in the last report. I did clean up some of the forums and have tasked others with sprucing up and getting the ball rolling on the discord orientation project. Wish us luck! In other news, I have been harassing DJ to get a fivem server up again. Hopefully we have that to look forward to soon. We will want someone who can lightly "dev" to develop it along side DJ and others involved in the project." - Hoff
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    How are we going to approach Altis? We know that Arma 3 Altis life is dying and that most members that joined this community have left or have little to no contact with it. I feel if we do this again we need to market it instead of letting it be up for weeks with only 1-10 players on.
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    👋 Hi EGN Some of you may know me, some of you may not, but I'm Gurthyy! Originally from Detroit, Transplanted to LA, currently residing in the desert hell known as Las Vegas. I'm an IT Support Services Supervisor, managing a team of level 1 and level 2 technicians spread across the country. It's fun work indeed, but my love lies in music and video games. I'm a fan of a wide-range of music and you can catch me on Discord play the classic "listening to Spotify" to see what I'm up to. Just out of High school, I played in a couple of bands (guitar/vocals) and started an e-magazine to cover the pop-punk scene in Detroit. My games are Minecraft, Rocket League and Madden (now that it's on PC again 😃). I dabble in a few others (Overwatch, TTS, etc), but I find myself coming back for more of these. If you see me around in Discord, make sure to swing by and say hey hey! ❤️ ~Gurthyy