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    I have a lot of favorite songs and it changes regularly. Right now, one of my favorites is "Want U" by Diskord. Normally I use Spotify's Daily Mix feature to play a mix of chill/EDM/soft rock while I'm working.
  4. This is just a quick list of things that seemed interesting since i had never looked at the mod scene before. Its pretty in depth. @MrOutlawTV how about these mods. Player Challenges Does not seem to change the game just gives you shit to do when your by your self Chest Warp This kind of feels like cheating almost because moving my base was SOOO Fucking annoying. But could be nice for players running a shop etc. Ban Management Again not a change to the game but just moves bans to a database that could be linked to mdudes admin panel Loot Log Maybe good if we have a lot of people on and we need to track down a hack Quests? Again maybe? but seems to need a lot of work to maintain and only useful if we continue to be low pop. Combat log Again just a log tool that could be helpful down the road with lots of players
  5. Of course, I need to talk to Outlaw about integration but it looks like there is are plugins that just interface rust with SQL. So very similar to how altis is setup we could have donator levels (possibly) and also track bans etc. So you would only need to set up some basic scripts to show info. IF we got this community going it would be nice for other admins to be able to see why people were banned etc if people came to the forums to dispute shit. You know the normal procedure.
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    Mines would haft to be KR - Party or Logic - Gang Related its nice song, But I want to know whats yours?
  7. I don't know anything about rust. If you give me something to interface with I can hook it up, but building custom tools for it is something that I likely won't be able to figure out in a timely manner.
  8. Re: Database options i will just holler at you later. It seems like there's a fair bit of good options for us to play with that wouldn't mod the server. Such as ban integrations etc. Which would be nice to tie into the manage panel with @Mdude™
  9. Just catching up this morning on the TL:DWTR (Didn't want to read) post. I do like the idea of maybe having some sort of donator perk system such as arma. What are our options there? can we in some way rig rust to a SQL database? Is there an option for multiple servers with a hub like Minecraft? I like the idea in theory but I don't know what the benefits would be. Regarding upkeep. If it was not for the upkeep I would not have had anything to do for the past two weeks as there is not really anyone on. Me personally, I am going to be starting a store/trading post to at least give me or maybe others something to do in game.
  10. If Tele means teleport, then No to that.
  11. I laughed, I cried, I feel like I didnt need to know the half of it.
  12. In general Rust servers come and go like the wind. I've seen servers with 100 people on them one wipe have zero the next. Server hubs that hold a steady amount of players are ones that have a variety of servers and donator perks that go across all of them. I agree with Hacksaw that Rust is a game for those who don't care to lose everything. I like MrOutlawTV's idea of having the delay then the time duration before complete destruction. Although I think a 4 hour delay and 24 hour duration on all materials (except twig) is fair. If you raid someone and they don't get on for 24 hours then they kinda deserve to have all their stuff wiped.
  13. Is the server defaulted to have no crosshair?
  14. Halo online. Duck hunt/ Jenga/ Fat kid/ all the good OG game modes.
  15. EGN Community Event Poll for Saturday 4/14/18 What's up peoples! Sorry for the late post on this event poll, been caught up with landing an apartment and getting my ducks in a row. Anyways, let's get this bad boy rolling! Vote on what you'd like or suggest in a commend below, this poll will close Thursday night and we'll announce the official game event that night or Friday. Oh and hey, be sure to check the announcement at the bottom of this post! I'm looking for people to help out with the events so we can push more out and increase the quality. There's a ton I want to do for these events, but I can't do it on my own. Come say hi Below is a list of games we're starting off with and is NOT set in stone by any means. These are just suggested ones by myself and will be updated on the main post as other members suggest games that they'd like to see hosted in community event days. Just be sure if you want to vote on another game to select the "Other" option and reply with the name of the game and mode(s) that you'd like. If you've got any questions, suggestions, or feedback let me know below. Lets get this show on the road and look forward to an awesome event this coming Saturday!!! What Do You Want to Play? Grand Theft Auto 5: You can't go wrong with some old fashion GTA! We'd party up together and host some custom game lobbies among ourselves and free-roam so you can show off how many hours of your life that you've wasted to arm yourself with a military vehicle arsenal. We'd host a private free roam lobby to enjoy the "anything goes" aspect of the game as well as some game modes that the majority would be interested in. Garry's Mod: This game needs no introduction! Garry's Mod, the smash hit sandbox do whatever the flying f&%* you want! We'd host some popular game modes preferred by the community such as (Prop Hunt, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and More!). Killing Floor 2: Classic zombie wave survival with bosses and a super omega destroyer boss at the end to top it off. If carnage is your thing, Killing Floor has got you covered! Glory be to blood, guts, and gibs! ARMA 3: We all know and love it, there's tons of potential game modes to play with everyone! Name your game! Not interested in any of the above? Make it known with a post below and we'll poll it too. Polling Closes Thursday Evening at 8:00 PM EDT Want to Join the EGN Events Team? Interested in becoming apart of the Events Team for EGN? Fill out a simple and quick applications by clicking HERE. We're looking for people that can help assist making these events bigger and better! This includes creating graphics, promo videos, event setup, and so on. If you feel that you can help, send in a application and we'll look forward to meeting with yah!
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  17. QT pizza

    That was a very inspirational story.
  18. I feel you have made some very interesting points. I would, however, like to add some information here and my two cents. Increasing the duration is possible but they may be longer than you think I will leave that information below. I also feel there may be some confusion on how the tool cupboard and decay interact with a player’s base once it has been raided. Here is an example: Say your base cost 1000 stone per 24 hours for upkeep but you have 5000 stone in it. If a player raids your base and destroys your tool cupboard it will automatically use 24 hours of resources from the tool cupboard if available thus keeping your base up for an extended duration depending on the tier of your base structure. If you do not have 24 hours of upkeep resources in your tool cupboard at the time of its destruction it will automatically use all resources in the tool cupboard thus leaving the raiders with nothing. Another thing to keep in mind when addressing groups. If you make something easier for solo say decay you also make it easier for groups. The idea behind decay and why FacePunch implemented it was to nerf bigger groups bases. This limits the size of the base a group can have due to the limited slots in a tool cupboard. As far as food goes it is already twice the amount as seen on vanilla servers. I would suggest you try your hand at farming or harvesting animals on this world seed animals tend to be on the eastern side of the map. I do agree with @Hacksaw though as this being my 5th rust server things can be tricky to police but, it can be done. This server is for the community and will grow and change with the community I am always open to new ideas. On the server population, it is, in fact, low but I don’t feel it’s due to the fact it’s hard hence it’s easier than vanilla yet as I type this up there are 11,500 players currently playing vanilla and 7,350 playing modded. So, I do not feel this is the downfall of our population but I feel it’s lack of support from the community and here’s what I mean by that. I’ve only seen a handful of EGN members playing on the server which is completely cool. Everyone has their game. The best way for the server population to grow is to have multiple people on the server at once which would in return push us up higher on the server list. This is my two cents I’m curious what everyone else has to say though. I’m looking forward to other opinions and debates on this topic. Twigs 2 Hour Delay 2 Hour Duration Wood 12 Hour Delay 24 Hour Duration Stone 18 Hour Delay 48 Hour Duration Sheet Metal 18 Hour Delay 72 Hour Duration Armored 24 Hour Delay 120 Hour Duration
  19. Wish mine was this good.... Why do I even bother looking at yours. smh
  20. Hope to see this take off and how these changes will affect the server. I'm excited!
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