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  2. on a side note there are 2 Nanite mods one is out dated while the other is updated normally. were you using the right one?
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  4. Whip's Automatic Drop Pod Script Drop pod script for sending unman probes to planets
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  6. Small Ship Mega Mod Pack Small ship parts allow the building of more compact ships.
  7. Energy Shields better Shields. able to configure shield recharge and capacity, and limit the amount of shield blocks placed.
  8. Larger inventory, like 15 to 20 not the 10 that it is right now. not to much bigger but just right for that extra you may need.
  9. Hi all, I'm Marcus. I'm one of the managers for FiveM. Currently, the server is being fine tuned for gameplay. What does that mean? Well, we need people wanting to be involved! So, with that said, we are looking for experienced admins & developers for FiveM, as well as Chief of Police, & Chief of EMS. How do I apply to be one of these positions? Simple, shoot me a DM in Discord or the forums, and I'll discuss amongst the others leading the FiveM project. What is the release date for FiveM? Unknown at this time Will it be whitelisted? Yes, however, "scheduled patrols" will not be a thing. The server will always be available for any whitelisted member to hop on & have fun. Have more questions? Reply to the thread and I'll answer them ASAP!
  10. [DX11] Cryo Chamber Just for better looks. _________________________ Projector Preview - Miniature Blueprint Display and Damage Status. Aesthetics/Functionality for large ships. _________________________ Sensor Range 1200 Meters [2018] Allows for more uses of sensors and better utility. _________________________ [DX11] Hatch Another block for a nicer looking base. _________________________ Maintenance Tunnels Similar to passages, but adds different blocks which can be used to create actual tunnels. _________________________ Door Label Allows for labeling of doors without messing around with bad LCD placement. _________________________ Cargo Container With Fill Level Bars Adds a visual of how much is in a cargo container. Useful for quick checks of inventory without having to actually look. _________________________ Gravity Collector Allows for better use of collectors, especially in space. _________________________ Weapon Rack Adds a easy way to access tools without need to look in containers. _________________________ Nanite Control Factory Adds a set of blocks which allow for better construction, repairs, mining, and healing for players and ships.
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  12. Economy Mod So we can actually sell stuff in game safely. (A reason to trade)
  13. [Multiplayer Rewrite] DefenseShields Shields....
  14. Hall Of The Mountain King has been sent to bring peace and stop dictatorships and communist overlords. Must have a mic and use discord Message minerminor79er#2602 aaaaaaaaaaaa#3540 or Keatonson#1450 on discord for more information
  15. Whip's Auto Door and Airlock Script For auto closing doors and making airlocks the right way.
  16. MART | Whip's Mouse Aimed Rotor Turret Script for making mouse aimed turrets for defending ships and stations
  17. Whip's Block Renamer For easy renaming of ship or station parts.
  18. Nanobot Build and Repair System It would be useful for larger ships but it could cause lag issues
  19. (DX11) Larger Airtight Hangar Door(s) Longer Hangar Doors
  20. Battle Cannons and Turrets - Rebalanced - FIXED!!! More ship weapons
  21. Health and Energy Packs It's like hydrogen and oxygen bottles but for health and energy
  22. [VSI] Recolorable Thrusters As the name says it adds a setting to change the plume of the thrusters
  23. Camera Panning - rotate camera view (+reset 1st person character view) As the name says it's a mod where you can look around in the camera instead of it just being the fixed sight
  24. Everyone has mods they like but the sad truth is most of them are broken. So keeping that in mind, feel free to suggest any mod you want to be added to the server here. Please just reply to this thread with the following details: Name of Mod: Short description of the mod or at least why you want it: Link to Mod on Steam Workshop: Our Compliance Team will review any suggestions for compatibility, stability, and of course MP. If it is found to have bugs that affect Multi-Player or cause instability the mod is automatically rejected. If the mod is not updated since July 27th, 2018 the mod will likely be automatically rejected. If during testing we can see that it is not something OP that ruins the fun for others and that it brings a lot of fun to the table for everyone we will nominate it for addition to the main server. This will just be the first step to adding mods in the future. p.s. One post per mod. That way we can make notes on them individually. Do Not Put 2 or more mods in 1 post. Also, of course, check others requests to see if the mod you want has already been reviewed or added.
  25. I will post the scripts recommended in the other thread here showing a status on where we are with getting them approved for the live server. Since this is a new process please bear with us. We hope to make this process as easy as possible. [TESTING] Taleden's Inventory Manager [TIM] [TESTING] Phils_Ship_Diagnostic [TESTING] Automatic LCDs 2 [TESTING] Isy's Solar Alignment Script [TESTING] Autofire [TESTING] R-Davs guided missile script
  26. R-Davs guided missile script Uses turrets targeting to guide missiles smoothly written code and block requirements for guided missiles that are tactically useful and fun to use without being super overpowered
  27. Autofire toggles fixed weapons to fire in staggered order, can change rate of fire for pew pew pew DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA
  28. Isy's Solar Alignment Script I have heard a lot of people ask for solar alignment.
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