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  4. Trying to figure out how to drink milk with ma butt
  5. @Gunner when Pepper X get's confirmed as the Worlds Hottest pepper by Guinness I'll grow one and make a video. @MuuvieThe exit out either end is just as painful if not worse as eating it. Pain lasts just as long.
  6. I've always was concerned about the pepper's exit a few hours later. Burned bungholio!
  7. Al Hoff

    Article Access

    I believe I got this completed and have givem him forum perms.
  8. Hey everyone, we have a few updates to share with you all. NO TLDR. As of last night @MrMackeyMK has decided to step down from the staff position he holds. You're more than welcome to talk to him as he will still be around as a Veteran, but he recently just moved and foresees he will be out of the active circle for a little while longer. This means we have an open staff position for the Community Events Manager, which is a staff role that needs to be extremely active posting weekly events. Additionally we are removing the esports tree from EGN, Cullen will be placed to Veteran from his staff position. Although we are removing the tree that does not mean esports will never come up again, it just does not serve a purpose in EGN at this time. We still have vacant the Marketing Manager position. I want to change up the description and purpose of this position and re-orientate its focus. The Marketing Manager will work along side Koda to achieve all things social media related. We aim to get the Marketing Manager to work with all of the EGN streamers out there to get them noticed in EGN and social platforms. Maybe one day we can get a talk show up or group stream? As for the systems manager role, that is up to Paronity. I don't think much more else needs to be said about that, but if you're interested please seek Paronity out. Moving on to some non staff roles we have an opening. We are looking for someone to join the website maintenance team. This person will find missing information on the website, draft up some ideas, and push those to us to get posted. In general this person should be able to use good grammar. If any of the staff positions or support roles peak your fancy please reach out to me. We can talk about the position and its duties, you'll need to answer a couple of questions and then after about a week we will select the candidates. We are willing to give anyone a chance so long as you try. Altis and game server news will not be in this post but are coming very shortly.
  9. Another account created by AlboGravity who is CoC banned.
  10. Thanks for updating us... I mean me. Seems like I'm the only one who still looks at this shit hole of a community and I'm COC banned . Also, don't do anything with this community. Let it die. You guys aren't dedicated enough to do anything. You will ditch out after the first week and leave everything till the last second. No one is going to play on anything EGN just for the main fact that no one wants to waste their time.
  11. Happy birthday!Please join me in celebrating the following members' special day: @Matthew
  12. Kudos to you, man. I'll take your valuable life experiences from you instead of having to learn them on my own. Now one time I tried a hot sauce at a hot cause store in a "challenge" and to cool off I practically drank a bottle of scotch bonnet hot sauce. So... maybe?
  13. I believe in valuable life experiences.
  14. Yeah you look familiar... Do you frequent gentlemen's clubs often? @Al Hoff
  15. Why would you do this to yourself
  16. I remember I was at a party and some dude just popped a whole one in his mouth. He handled it pretty good until he all of a sudden ran to the bathroom and threw up lmfao.
  17. Turkey

    Exile Server

    Needs a FireDaemon instance for the manager.
  18. I used to have a bottle of Ghost Chili extract. It was basically black tar @SpecialKillerJ
  19. Earlier
  20. I heard you should drink hot sauce after eating one of these because two negatives = a positive. life hacks
  21. I feel like we've met before
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