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    The Beginning of Something Great

    When I look around at all the people who have joined our community, it's so exciting! 

    The new people I've met along with the renewed friendships remind me of what we were after when Paronity and I first began exploring the tickling of an idea for a community. Here we are nearing two months of having our doors open. It is incredible what we have accomplished in that time. 

    We have learned a lot already. Lessons we are taking forward with us. We knew that there was going to be some bumps in the road. We knew that we weren't going to be perfect. But as we gather a group of people from across the interwebs, we knew it would be worth it. 

    So to all of you who are making this community what it is today, we, the Founders, thank you. You are who keep us going and keep our enthusiasm strong. It is our belief that Elementum is the beginning of something great. And right here, right now, you, our members, are part of it. 


    Thank you. 

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