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    Greetings, I am Pookie. Many of you probably know me already, And may have seen that I am the new event manager, I would like to know what you guys are playing or what you would like to see, I would also like to know what days would be good for everyone. Know that Thursdays and Fridays are no good for me. BUT!!! That would mean I get to recruit someone to assist me for those days so that events could still take place. 

    SO! What I need from you guys is: Games you guys are playing, Games you would like to see us play, And times Including Days of the week and time frame/timezone.

    For example: I am playing Arma and would like to see events for the Liberation server on Saturday starting at 6PM Central timezone.

    Currently these are the events I plan on setting up;

    Table Top Simulator on Saturdays starting at 5pm Central

    And I also have plans of opening a modded Terraria server in which more events could take place.

    More to come!


    Click the link there to respond. ^^^^

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