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    We have exciting news! Since we reached our donation goal for the month, we are excited to announce that for the month of April, the Altis BETA Server will be free to play to all EGN members on weekends! This starts 4/7/2018.

    This will serve a few different purposes:

    1) You will have time on the server to see the progress that our development team has made week by week! 

    2) ALL BETA players (subscribers and non-subscribers) will be rewarded on the Altis launch! Some of the things that this will be based on are: a) Time played; b) activities completed; c) money earned and spent; feedback provided in the form of features or bugs.
    This means that you will have a leg up on launch day! 

    Not an EGN member? Conduct yourself well on the forums, Discord and any servers you are on, and for good measure, talk to our Recruiting Manager @Koda so you don't miss this opportunity! 

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