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    Ended - Event ARMA 3: KOTH

    Elementum Gaming

    Event Set!
    We've got our second official EGN community event set and ready for this Saturday at 8pm EST! We'll be playing ARMA 3 on our very own brand spankin new ARMA 3: King of The Hill server!!! We're excited to bring the community together and help spark some life into this new server as it's a great opportunity for the community as a whole and I know it's going to be a lot of fun.

    We'll all start gathering about 15 minutes in Discord prior to the event start at 8pm EST. All you'll need is a basic copy of ARMA 3 and you'll be set for this event! Don't worry about showing up late, hop in whenever you can and you don't have to stay for the entire thing. We'll be playing till our eyes bleed out.

    Basic Rules

    • Play to have fun! Lets not dominate other teams because not everyone plays KOTH and will most likely be starting off at a low level. This'll be in effect as long as the player population is low, now if we get the server populated where a lot of people have joined, then it'll eventually turn into all out war, that just can't be avoided but it'll be a lot more fun that way.
    • Keep the teams populated and semi balanced if possible. Balancing is a priority though, lets make sure we have close to even teams so we can have a somewhat level playing field.

    Server Information:

    • Server Name: EGN | King of the Hill | 24/7 DAY | NO JETS | InitialServers.co
    • Server IP/Port:
    • or just search "EGN" in the server browser using a filter

    How to Join:
    Open ARMA 3 and on the launcher select servers > Internet > search EGN and it should appear. It's better to do it this way rather than the in-game menu.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns don't hesitate to post them below or PM me via the forums. 

    Want to Join the Events Team?
    We have an application available now for interest in joining the events team via the "Applications" drop down at the top of the site. I'll be looking for people to help out for the next event as it'll be a lot more structured and will have things being coordinated ahead of time. Anyways, looking forward to seeing some fresh faces helping out!

    ARMA 3 Giveaway!
    ARMA 3 Giveaway! I'm personally doing a giveaway for members of our community (Prospect+) that do not currently own the game and that would like a chance to win it for tomorrows event so they can join the rest of us. If you're interested in the event, please include *ARMA 3 GIVEAWAY* in a reply to this thread.

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