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    Ended - EGN Event ARMA 3: Liberation 4/14/18 Saturday 8PM EDT

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    Event Set!
    Alright everyone! Apologies for the late post/notice but had some IRL business to attend to. Anyways, we've got ourselves another ARMA 3 event for this Saturday 4/14/18 at 8:00 PM EDT. We'll be playing ARMA 3: Liberation on our EGN hosted server with server manager @SpaceBat!

    What's ARMA 3: Liberation?
    The area has fallen to the enemy and it is up to you to take it back! Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all capitals across the region. Experience a massive “Capture the Island” campaign involving a large range of different settlements across the entire area. Cooperate with up to 34 players, including a Commanding role, two fire-team squads, a medevac and a logistical support squad as well as AI recruits to fill the gaps. Purchase both infantry and vehicles (both ground and air) using three different types of physical resources; supplies, ammunition and fuel. Build the FOB of your dreams with an in-game "what you see is what you get" system. Play within an immersive engine that not only punishes you for civilian casualty but diversely reacts in turn. Combat aggressive and cunning hostile forces who react and adapt to your actions. Monitor and work alongside, or against, independent guerrilla forces. Learn that every window is a threat thanks to the custom urban combat AI. Accomplish meaningful secondary objectives that will benefit your progression. Never lose your progress with the built-in server-side save system.

    The EGN server is outfitted with some seriously amazing mods that immerse you into the game world. You'll feel like you're really on the battlefield with your friends fighting right besides you, if you've never participated in a mil-sim scenario before then you're going to really enjoy this. So due to the server having quite a few mods that you'll need to install, it's highly recommended that you pre-load everything you'll need ahead of time. It's super easy, just follow the quick step guide below or if you have any troubles at all contact @MrMackeyMK via the forums or in Discord and I'll get you all set up.


    Mod Installation:

    • Start ARMA 3 via Steam and wait for the ARMA 3 game launcher to appear.
    • Select the side tab "Servers" and then select the "Internet" tab at the top of the page.
    • In the "Search Servers" filter type in "Elementum" and wait a moment for the servers to populate and the COOP server should appear.
    • Select "Join" and a new window will appear that'll allow you to "Setup Mods & Join". Do this and all of the mods will download automatically and once they are finished you'll be able to join the server automatically afterwards.
    • Running into any issues? Contact @MrMackeyMK via forums or Discord.


    Want to Join the Events Team?
    We have an application available now for interest in joining the events team via the "Applications" drop down at the top of the site. I'll be looking for people to help out for the next event as it'll be a lot more structured and will have things being coordinated ahead of time. Anyways, looking forward to seeing some fresh faces helping out!

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