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    Altis Life Update 5/8/2018


    What the word, now?
    As many of the last updates have shown and guided, the merge of all map devs work did not go according to plans or expectations. That has come to light for several reasons. Some of it just comes down to lack of communication between the parties involved. (Expecting the left hand to do X and the right hand to do Y). We just didn't have good communication in many directions and that left some gaps. More importantly, we didn't realize how much work was going to need to be done POST merge. This has left a TON of work that needed to be done to fix, recreate, and even re-invent the scripts that make the server work. We have been working as fast as ever to get them ironed out. In fact, we have 200+ commits to our codebase since Friday. TWO HUNDRED!!

    So, what date are you giving this time!?
    That's a great question. I have had a few people approach me and they have really stepped up in helping with the more "tedious" sides of the server, which really helps me focus on bugs, scripts, and fresh code. With them taking the dive into that, I have been hard at work fixing the functionality bugs, and implementing new features for us to leverage. I have additionally, been working on hardening the backend code to keep an eye on those pesky script kiddies and frameworks. Lastly, I have been working on adding more features that I REALLY wanted to be in there BEFORE it goes live (because they will change the database and core functionality). All of that being said, I can't give a day of release. What I _CAN_ say is that I will release it AS SOON as the current code base that I have implemented is running stable. Now that I have been knees deep in the code for a while and everything, things are moving more quickly. It also helps because I have the aforementioned people helping with the scripts that control finances, configuration, and server management. I'm still hoping that it WILL go out this week, but it's living day by day. I will make a post to track EXACTLY what needs to be done and what lefts to be done later this evening to track everything so that you guys have a more public view of what is being worked on (even though it's already in several places). 


    In the wake of the delays, there have been some extremely outlandish, and even stupid comments and/or questions made to or about the dev team here (and probably more about me that haven't made it back to me). Let me be very clear about a few things.

    1. We have donation goals that we have met, and some that we haven't. Know that the donations that we have acquired have gone EXCLUSIVELY to server space, hardware, configurations, plugins, and paid scripts for these services. What hasn't been spent is in an account for us to use in the coming months to pay for bills (as well as do the giveaways that we want to do ongoing). 
    2. We have not delayed the server in the hopes of getting any more money, or "milking" our members, to which I have heard it called. We have delayed because I REFUSE to put out a server that I know will fail due to bugs, lack of features, and lack of originality. We have a kick-ass admin team, kick-ass tools, and the starting of a kick-ass community. Why should the server that we put out and put our name on not be held to the same standards? IT SHOULD BE.
    3. If and when you donated to the community, you donated all the while KNOWING that WE control when the server goes live and when we release it. You donated to a server that is being worked on and to help facilitate the expense that we are creating by having the hardware and services available for us to build this. You are not guaranteed anything, and you are not entitled anything. While it is our goal to make you happy with your donation, we are not obligated to any service, timeline, or process.

    If you have ANY issue with any of the statements that I have outlined above, feel free to contact me about your donation(s) and I will personally refund you the money that you donated out of my own pocket and send you on your way. (To be further clear, this is NOT the community refunding your money, because the community shouldn't have to and it's not their decision to this and make this offer. This is ME offering you a way to recoup your investment if you feel that we aren't living up to your expectations). 

    For those of you that have been patient, helpful, and calm, thanks a million and I apologize that you had to read this, but apparently, it needed to be said. 

    Do you or someone you know want to help dev? Let us know!!
    The updated dev application lists our tools, code bases, and possible stacks for you to work with (C#, MySQL, NodeJS, and Angular, to name a few). If you have any interest in helping in anything that we do, be sure to apply by filling out the application, which can be found right over ---> here.

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