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    Altis Life Update (4/23/2018)


    Thanks to circumstances beyond my control, we have made very little progress on the issues and features over this past two weeks. I have been dealing with one family emergency after the other over this last week and it has not been a productive time for me to be able to work on anything. For that I apologize, however, that is not the biggest reason that I have decided to delay the launch of the server. The biggest reason is just pure lack of testing on my part, as well as not enough hard to the bone testing by anyone for that matter. For those that have played on the server and provided feedback, we greatly appreciate what we have gotten so far.

    I want to add about 2 weeks of hardcore bug fixing to the mix. Based on the feedback that we got just this week, the code-base has some holes that MUST be corrected before we have a living, breathing server to play on. While I am confident that many of you would be willing to put up with a few bugs while we correct them, we have to think of the big picture. If we release a server that is riddled with bugs and is not functional, it won't get popular at all, and if it does, it won't last long.

    May the Force Be With You

    The new launch date is now going to be:


    Friday, May 4th

    We also have rewards out there for those of you that want a little something extra!
    If you want to go after some of these rewards check out some of these other posts detailing them!

    Don't forget that you also will get a head start in the live server for assisting us as well!

    We are also looking into Beta tester exclusive skins for you guys as well!

    Some final words of thanks!

    The staff would like to thank @Marcus @Mdude @Nimbus @William Ranger and @Casual For their continued efforts in building our Admin tools, our custom map, and the truly grueling work of sitting and coding in all the custom scripts that allow us to do all the cool stuff that we want to do!

    Thanks to @Gunner, @AlboGravity, and @Casual for the recent swarm of testing every crack and crevice and reporting their findings.

    I would also like to personally thank all of you for your patience while the dust settles of our new community and we start ramping up into some awesome times ahead. I am very excited to start this path of awesomeness with each and every one of you.

    Do you or someone you know want to help dev? Let us know!!
    The updated dev application lists our tools, code bases, and possible stacks for you to work with (C#, MySQL, NodeJS, and Angular, to name a few). If you have any interest in helping in anything that we do, be sure to apply by filling out the application, which can be found right over ---> here.

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